Offer: Warlords of the Wasteland


This week, we have a very special offer for you. Long have you asked us to make the previous Premium content – including the Battle Path one – available by other means and, today, we are happy to report that we will do so.


Starting today, for one week, the top prizes of the Warlords of the Wasteland Battle Path will be available on MyLoot and in our Web Shop:

  • Commander Alisa Korhonen
  • Altay Tier 10 Premium MBT

They will be available between November 21 and November 28, 2019:

Alisa Korhonen

Alisa Korhonen hails from southern Finland. She was born in Espoo (near Helsinki) in a family of a neurosurgeon and followed in her father’s footsteps by becoming doctor. When her father was lost on a humanitarian mission in the Middle East, Alisa enlisted in the ISD and went looking for him, only to have discovered him to be murdered by terrorists. Vowing revenge, she joined local tribes to battle the warlord menace.


In Armored Warfare, Alisa Korhonen has a special Basic Skill called Mysterious Stranger. Whenever a vehicle commanded by Alisa damages an enemy vehicle, there is a chance that her mysterious ally from off the map will fire a guided missile that will swoop in from above and hit the same enemy. Another very useful skill of hers is the ability to increase the amount of ammunition carried per vehicle. You can read more about her in a dedicated article.


Alisa Korhonen is available on MyLoot in two bundles, one of them including 50 Loot Crates with the following item:


The Altay is the result of a Turkish program to build a true indigenous MBT. After a decade of development with hundreds of millions of dollars spent, Turkey finally achieved its goal and built a tank that is roughly on par in performance with decades-old Leopard 2 variants while it still uses many foreign components, including some of its most critical systems. Nevertheless, future Altay variants are expected to feature some cutting edge components.


In Armored Warfare, the Altay is a Tier 10 Premium Main Battle Tank based on the current prototypes, but also upgraded by various hypothetical aftermarket components of the future to surpass its current capabilities and to match its assigned Tier in power. The basic tank is – gameplay-wise – a mobile sniper, much like the Leopard 2 series, relying on its mobility and the penetration of its shells rather than on its armor. There are two key features to this tank: Adjustable Suspension (tilting forward and to the side) and Hybrid Engine with its distinctive electric sound, giving the vehicle excellent mobility and agility.

The Altay MBT is available in our Web Shop via Loot Crates. Collect 100 blueprint pieces from these crates to obtain the vehicle.


We’ve also prepared several other vehicles that are currently available on MyLoot with discounts. These include:

  • VT-5 Tier 9 Premium LT
  • BMPT Prototype Tier 8 Premium TD
  • Marder 2 Tier 8 Premium AFV
  • MT-LB S8 Tier 6 Premium AFV

We hope that you will enjoy the offer.

See you on the battlefield!

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