Preview: Spirithaven


With the American Dream season slowly coming to an end, we’d like to tell you more about the next, Asian-themed one that will be arriving in Armored Warfare in the near future. We call it Spirithaven.


The core of the Spirithaven season will be a new set of Asian (mostly Japanese and Korean) vehicles as well as the continuation of the Special Operations storyline, but also the addition and improvements of various aspects of the game.

Without further ado, here’s what awaits you at the launch of the Spirithaven season with Update 0.31:

New Asian Vehicles

A new set of Asian progression vehicles will be added to Francine De Laroche’s vehicle pool. Much like the American Dream additions, the Spirithaven vehicles will (apart from all being Asian) be fairly individual with each one offering a different playstyle.


Update 0.31 will launch with the following vehicles being available:

  • Type 16 MCV Tier 7 TD – unlocked either from C13 TUA (Francine De Laroche) or Type 90-II (Zhang Feng), this wheeled Tank Destroyer will be somewhat similar to the Centauro. It will, however, feature a unique ability called AI Target Assistant, allowing you to aim more precisely at moving targets. You can read more about it in our dedicated article
  • Harimau Tier 8 LT – this Indonesian Light Tank will be the embodiment of what makes the Light Tank class so fun to play – fast and well-armed, it will be perfect for aggressive gameplay the Light Tank drivers love so much. You can read more about it in our dedicated article

Additionally, a Premium vehicle will be available at launch:

  • K21 Tier 8 AFV – this fast Korean IFV with powerful armament will be available for Gold directly in the game. With its excellent mobility, it will be the perfect tool for delivering infantry right where it needs to be. You can read more about it in our dedicated article

But that’s just the beginning.


Three more progression vehicles will be arriving at a later date during the season:

  • K-153C Tier 9 TD, a light four-wheeled highly mobile platform armed with a double Javelin-like Raybolt ATGM launcher
  • AS21 Redback Tier 9 AFV, a heavy IFV with all the gameplay systems you know and love – top-attack Javelin style ATGMs, 30mm PELE rounds and more
  • And yes, finally, the long-awaited K2 Black Panther Tier 10 MBT itself with its own slew of interesting characteristics and gameplay elements

Of course, what would be a new line with additional customization elements? New camouflages, decals and vehicle-related achievements await you as well as a brand-new commander, Kwon Han. This Lodestar GmbH veteran will come with a unique set of abilities suitable for the fast-paced gameplay the new vehicles offer. We’ll tell you more about him in the near future!

Spirithaven Special Operations

Almost a year has passed since Hana Buric and Austin Harper helped Magnus Holter to escape Enigma's Moscow prison. The Resistance grew stronger, but it's still not powerful enough to wage a large scale war. That is why Magnus offered to capture a key asset of the enemy — James Todd Litteral, the leader on the National Patriot Activist Army.


He's one of the few people on the planet, who can provide the Resistance with Enigma's command center coordinates, allowing them to take out Enigma and its leader, Victor Blaze, in one fell swoop.


Much like in American Dream, four new Special Operations await you with two being available initially at launch and two more coming during the course of the season itself.

New Contract Mission Campaign

A new Contract Mission campaign awaits you in Update 0.31 with similar mechanics to those used during the American Dream one. We’ve made a few tweaks for your convenience but the core of it will remain the same. In fact, there will only one major difference – the main prize.


This time, you’ll be able to unlock the Type 89 Tier 7 AFV with its excellent mobility and firepower. You can read more about it in our dedicated article

New Battle UI

This season, we’re introducing a brand-new in-battle User Interface. This is something we wanted to do for a while now and are happy to introduce the first results of this plan.


In this dedicated article, you can learn more about the details.

Graphics Improvements

Along with the new UI, we’ll be introducing a number of visual enhancements to the game. Take a look:

Not only will the new models look amazing, we are also introducing the following changes to the appearance of the existing ones:

  • Dynamic Dirt system
  • Overall graphics improvements for all models

You can read all about these improvements in our dedicated article.

Further Season Plans

All of the above is, however, only just a portion of what the Spirithaven season will offer. A steady stream of content will be available throughout the season. Here’s what you can look forward to in the next couple of months:

  • Three progression vehicles (mentioned above)
  • Two Special Operations missions (mentioned above)
  • Improved Team Damage punishment system
  • Reintroduction of Artillery to Global Operations and its rebalance

But that’s still not all. There’s much more coming, including new mechanics, rebalances, bug fixes and a new type of event for you to enjoy. Even though the Last Patriot Battle Path is also finishing soon, we can guarantee that you’ll have plenty to do in Armored Warfare in the coming months. We are looking forward to your first feedback from a PTS session that is launching soon.

See you on the battlefield!

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