Sneak Peek: Loot System

Greetings, Commanders!

As any good Commander and their Crew can tell you, there's nothing quite like feeling like your efforts on the battlefield are being rewarded. With the introduction of the Loot System in Update 0.16, you will receive brand new in-game rewards in the form of Supply Crates, which can be earned through matches, missions, achievements, and more.


Supply Crates will come in a number of quality levels and have a variety of different bounties, allowing you to collect everything from consumables to Reputation or Credit boosts to unique vehicle decals and paint schemes.

Part of the new Loot System is the induction of Commander and Vehicle Trials. Any Commanders or Vehicles you do not already own will be accessible as Loot awarded to players through Supply Crates. These Commanders and Vehicles will work just like those which you have already purchased or earned through progression, but will be available for only a limited time to give you the opportunity to evaluate these new Commanders' abilities and Vehicles' firepower and test their mettle in the field!

More information about the Loot System will be released soon.

We'll see you on the battlefield!

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