Update 0.117 Now Available


We are happy to announce that the Update 0.117 is now available!


List of Update 0.117 Changes

This update is bringing a large number of fixes for the current Battle Path vehicles as well as some other issues.

PELE Improvements

In this update, we’re improving the PELE rounds for Boxer CRV and Puma. This is a straight up buff but it also deserves some context.

After the special HE airburst shells started suffering from the current problems for these two vehicles, their statistics dropped significantly. On one hand, this was a good thing – the airburst shells were clearly overperforming and we had promised an adjustment even before the current issue arose.

On the other hand, the statistics tanked so much we felt it wasn’t fair to you, the players. That is why, in addition to having standard HE shells, we are adjusting the PELE shells for the vehicles to perform better. In the future, with the introduction of correctly working airburst shells, the performance of the affected vehicles will once again be reviewed.

Additionally, we fixed the bugged part of PELE mechanics for the KF41.

General Changes

  • Contract loot crates no longer award broken achievements
  • BMD-1: Fixed the transparent light on the turret
  • Boxer CRV: Shells and missiles no longer fly from above the vehicle
  • Boxer CRV: Fixed an issue where the actual aiming reticle moved slower than intended, lagging behind the player aiming point (some remnants of this issue might still be there)
  • Boxer CRV: Fixed the incorrectly positioned aiming reticle
  • Boxer CRV: Fixed the incorrectly positioned gunfire effect
  • Boxer CRV: Fixed the destroyed ERA appearance
  • Boxer CRV: Fixed the infantry door appearance
  • Boxer CRV: Fixed the engine fire visual effect placement (when the engine on fire, it was the antenna that was burning instead of the hull)
  • Boxer CRV: Fixed an issue where the ATGM launcher module would just disappear when destroyed
  • Boxer RIWP: All turrets now correctly take reduced damage for being unmanned
  • Boxer RIWP: Added the ammo belt for the autocannon and the machinegun to the model
  • Boxer RIWP: Fixed several gaps in the launcher module (the “launchers in the air” issue)
  • Boxer RIWP: Fixed the way the vehicle gets covered in mud
  • Boxer RIWP: Fixed the ERA textures
  • Boxer RIWP: Fixed the misaligned infantry door
  • Boxer RIWP: Tracks now appear correctly when destroyed
  • Boxer RIWP: Roadwheels now have proper rubber coating
  • Boxer RIWP: Fixed the firing visual effect for all weapons and turrets
  • Boxer RIWP: The gun now recoils correctly when fired
  • KF41 Lynx Prototype: Vehicle now correctly appears in filters to all players
  • Marder 2: Fixed the camouflage layout on this vehicle
  • Puma: Fixed the issue where the gun fired through enemy targets at short distances
  • Puma: Roadwheels now have proper rubber coating
  • Puma: Roadwheels no longer disappear when destroyed
  • Puma: Fixed the destroyed ATGM launcher visual model
  • Puma: Fixed the destroyed model textures
  • Puma: Fixed the texture flickering around the vehicle’s optics
  • Puma: Fixed the camouflage appearance on several places
  • Puma: Smoke grenades now have proper animations
  • Puma: Reactive armor is now properly colored in the Tank Inspector window
  • Puma: Fixed an issue where a part of the door texture remained in the air when deploying infantry
  • T-80UM-1 Bars: Fixed the broken collision model that made the tank get easily stuck in various holes and on slopes
  • T-80UM-1 Bars: Fixed a number of smaller visual issues (clipping boxes and optics)
  • T-80UM-1 Bars: Fixed several missing ERA elements
  • TOS-1M: Camera zoom now works correctly between first person and third person modes
  • Aim reticle no longer behaves strangely when encountering smoke
  • Fixed an issue where the penetration indicator would not consider destroyed vehicles in its path
  • Fixed an issue where installing retrofits would show incorrectly in the garage’s log (as not completed instead of the price in Credits)
  • Fixed a number of smaller visual issues
  • Fixed some small localization issues

Please note that we’re aware of the Puma reticle issue and are working on a fix for this problem that unfortunately turned out to be considerably more complex than expected. We should have a solution soon.

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