Update 0.120.5 Now Available


We are happy to announce that the Update 0.120.5 is now available!


List of Update 0.120.5 Changes

This small update fixes several release problems of the Europe’s Edge Battle Path.

First and foremost, we have updated the descriptions of the missions that now match their real objectives. The missions themselves haven’t changed mechanically. We have considered several solutions (including implementing the more difficult missions as were originally intended) but have ultimately decided to keep things as they are, allowing the players to obtain the European Loot Crates much easier than originally intended. This was deemed to be the most riskless and player-friendly solution (despite some missions not being exactly easy to complete).


  • Honey Badger skin is no longer incorrectly issued to all players (removed it from those who haven’t reached the appropriate Battle Path level)
  • Honey Badger skin can now be removed normally when installed
  • Moved the Leopard Cockerill ammo rack to its correct location in the turret bustle
  • Removed the broken Lone Star Special Operation achievements
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