Update 0.22 "Art of War" Preview


We are happy to announce another upcoming addition to Armored Warfare – Update 0.22 "Art of War", bringing a large number of content and mechanics updates, including the long-awaited Commander System overhaul as well as improved graphics!

Here are some of the main features that await you:

  • Commander System Overhaul
  • Improved Vehicle Graphics
  • New Vehicles
  • Chinese-themed Maps – PvP and PvE
  • Global Operations Map Waterway
  • Vehicle Mechanics Changes

The update also introduces a great number of issue corrections and fixes, making it one of the largest Armored Warfare updates to date – prepare to master the Art of War!

Commander System Overhaul

The Commander System overhaul, introduced in Update 0.22, replaces the simple commander progression with a complex, sophisticated system, allowing the players to customize their commanders to best suit their gameplay style.


Fifteen levels, many perks and a large number of choices await you!

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Improved Graphics

In Update 0.22, we are significantly increasing the visual quality of Armored Warfare by introducing a new render as well as high quality textures to a number of vehicles.

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Update 0.21 Version


Update 0.22 Version


New Vehicles

In this update, we are introducing a large portion of new vehicles – both progression and premium. The majority of the vehicles are Chinese – we are completing the Zhang Feng Main Battle Tank with two new MBTs – the Tier 9 Type 99A1 and the Tier 10 Type 99A2.


We are also introducing two new low-tier Czechoslovak AFVs for the Czechoslovak and Polish branch, introduced in Update 0.21.

  • Type 99A1 – Tier 9 Main Battle Tank
  • Type 99A2 – Tier 10 Main Battle Tank
  • Type 96 – Tier 6 Main Battle Tank
  • Type 96A – Tier 7 Main Battle Tank
  • ZBL-08 – Tier 7 Armored Fighting Vehicle
  • PLZ-89 – Tier 7 Self-Propelled Gun
  • PLZ-05 – Tier 9 Self-Propelled Gun
  • OT-64 Cobra – Tier 5 Armored Fighting Vehicle
  • OA-82 Jarmila II – Tier 4 Armored Fighting Vehicle
  • PTZ-89 – Tier 7 Premium Tank Destroyer
  • ZBD-86 – Tier 3 Premium Armored Fighting Vehicle

Chinese-themed Maps – PvP and PvE

In Update 0.22, we are introducing the brand new Seven Steps map that will take us to South China. The rural area of the Baise region became a battlefield between mercenaries hired to protect civilians and ruthless corporate forces. Local triads have hidden a cache of valuable intelligence along with their ill-gotten fortune somewhere in a local village. Although they were soundly defeated, their secret remains buried in the general area. Commander, take the area and destroy your opponents to begin the search for what might set your forces up for life!


Set in the same region, the enemies are trying to invade a local temple. Stop them at all costs in the Operation Tiger’s Claw mission!

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Global Operations Waterway Map

It’s time to return to Panama, commanders – the new Global Operations version of the Waterway map awaits.


This Global Operations map introduces three phases along with three different Wildcards:

  • Recon UAV
  • Air Strike
  • AC-130 Gunship Strike

The new element is the randomization of the first two phases – you’ll never know which set of goals you start with until the battle starts!

Vehicle Mechanics Changes

We are introducing a number of changes to the Armored Warfare vehicle mechanics. Two of the most important ones are:

This and much more is coming in Update 0.22 “Art of War”. Stay tuned for more information and we’ll see you on the battlefield!

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