Update 0.41.2 Now Available


We are happy to announce that the Update 0.41.2 is now available!


List of Update 0.41.2 Changes

  • 2S38 Derivatsiya: Reverted the PELE guided round change to the previous (pre-0.41.1) state as the fix caused some other unintended behavior
  • Centurion AVRE: Changed the model size
  • Centurion AVRE: Fixed the minimum settings visual model
  • Centurion AVRE: Changed the gun sound to a large caliber one
  • Leopard 1A5: Several visual model fixes
  • T-15 Kinzhal: Fixed an issue where the gun fired 2-shell burst instead of the intended 3-shell burst
  • Fixed an issue where installing the KPz T 55 skin on the T-55 MBT affected its turret traverse rate
  • Fixed several smaller visual issues
  • Fixed several smaller localization issues
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