Update 0.9 coming to PTS

Today, the 22nd of September 2015, the Public Test Server will be available for testing of Update 0.9 (build 0.9.1426). Update 0.9 is bringing several new features and multiple game fixes.

List of Main 0.9 Features

  • New very large map - Reactor
  • Twelve new PvE missions (Harbinger, Stormy Winter, Onyx, Perseus, Red Opossum, Rolling Thunder, Kodiak, Starry Night, Anvil, Banshee, Hydra, Sapphire)
  • Weapon group system overhaul
  • Player report feature
  • Audio improvements
  • Multiple vehicle rebalances
  • Player Base feature returns

You can read more about the main 0.9 features in the Update 0.9 preview.


List of Changes in 0.9.1426


Tutorial system

  • Added new content
  • Made changes to the tutorial mission (Operation Royalty) pacing


  • Increased shell velocity of artillery illumination rounds from 300mps to 400mps to bring it on par with smoke rounds
  • Increased reload time for artillery smoke shells from 10 seconds to 15 seconds
  • HERA rounds have been adjusted to make them more clearly distinct from standard HE rounds. They now have a significantly higher velocity, making it easier to hit targets, but deal slightly less damage.

Dealer Trees

  • Added "Preview" and "Coming Soon" vehicle containers to the Dealer Trees for upcoming Tier 9 and Tier 10 vehicles
  • Fixed incorrect AFV class trait descriptions
  • Fixed incorrect TD class trait descriptions
  • Fixed incorrect LT class trait descriptions

Anti-Tank Guided Missiles

  • Adjusted the settings on the ATGM warnings to have a smaller range
  • Warning distance decreased from 600 meters to 400 meters

Hit Resolution System - we updated the hit resolution system to normalize crew and component damage across all tiers. In the prior implementation, crew and component health values scaled up with the tier of the vehicle so that they would be synchronized to the increase in weapon damage values as tier increased, but this resulted in situations where a vehicle attacking an enemy vehicle two tiers up would have a difficult time destroying components or wounding crew, which a vehicle attacking an enemy vehicle two tiers down could easily damage components or take out crew in a single shot. This update will mean that it will take about the same amount of shots to damage components or wound crew regardless of the attacker or defender's vehicle tier.

Ramming Damage Changes

  • It's now possible to deal ramming damage at lower speeds against enemy targets. The speed threshold for ramming damage to allies is unchanged
  • The overall amount of ramming damage against enemies has been significantly increased

Map Changes

  • Roughneck - added some cover in the map and adjusted the hills to better protect players moving out of the south spawn locations. This helps counter a couple of the overpowered hill locations on the northern side of the map looking into the big and small refineries
  • Lost Island - changed material surface type on huts in Lost Island to be penetrable as to not block player shots
  • Fixed several map spots where players could easily fall into bodies of water and drown
  • All the PvP and PvE maps were checked by the development team with a very large number of issues corrected

PvE Changes

  • M113 AI Vehicles - Reduced Penetration on Fragile models.
  • BMP-3 AI Vehicles - Reduced Damage slightly on all variants to compensate for the fact they are shooting rounds that don't need to penetrate
  • AMX-10P PAC90 AI Vehicles - Reduced Damage slightly on all variants to compensate for the fact they are shooting rounds that don't need to penetrate
  • Reduced Damage Values across many of the AI artillery vehicles. This in combination with reduced reaction times should help so that AI artillery can't focus fire and dismantle a vehicle so quickly
  • Adjusted the point values and AI vehicle costs to provide some more diversity in enemies across the mid tiers

Audio Changes

  • Volume Adjustments - the mix has been updated to allow important sound elements to be heard more clearly. The end result is a more dynamic mix with priority placed on cannon and impact sounds
  • PvE Scripted Events - the audio for scripted events in all PvE maps have been either added or re-timed

New Sounds - new sounds have been added for the following gameplay features and elements:

  • Spaced armor impacts
  • ERA detonations
  • Ammo rack destruction
  • Impact sounds to ATGM projectiles

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused player cannon and vehicle sounds to disappear while in arty mode
  • Fixed an issue that caused vehicle sounds to distort while in spectator mode

Vehicle Changes

  • Fixed the smoke grenade modules on the BMP-1P, ERC-90 F4 and the T-72A

M60A2 - the M60A2's performance is a little below standard levels for the tier, especially in terms of win rate. We've helped boost the vehicle's survivability and raised the penetration of the vehicle's standard Shaped Charge ammos to the same values as the fully upgraded Sheridan to make the vehicle a better brawler

  • HP increased from 1245 to 1345
  • Stock Shaped Charge penetration increased from 256 to 309
  • Upgraded Shaped Charge penetration increase from 267 to 316

Smaller Caliber Cannon Changes - we've significantly increased the penetration of smaller caliber main tank guns (anything under 100mm). These vehicles have generally performed lower in our telemetry data than vehicles with larger caliber guns, and we believe the difficulty with landing penetrating hits is a major part of that problem. Please note that smaller caliber guns will still have lower penetration values than higher caliber guns, but we've made the difference smaller. This resulted in numerous changes since global tables were modified, but the following change list represents a summary of most of the major changes.

  • AMX-10P PAC90 AP penetration increased from 222 to 235
  • BMD-1 stock shaped charge penetration increased from 155 to 183
  • BMD-1 fully upgraded shaped charge penetration increased from 166 to 196
  • BMP-1 stock shaped charge penetration increased from 148 to 175
  • BMP-1 fully upgraded shaped charge penetration increased from 158 to 187
  • BMP-1P stock shaped charge penetration increased from 155 to 183
  • BMP-1P fully upgraded shaped charge penetration increased from 162 to 192
  • Dragoon 300 90 stock shaped charge penetration increased from 165 to 175
  • Dragoon 300 90 fully upgraded shaped charge penetration increased from 177 to 187
  • Dragoon 300 90 APFSDS penetration increased from 211 to 224
  • ERC 90 stock AP penetration increased from 216 to 218
  • ERC 90 fully upgraded AP penetration increased from 227 to 229
  • LAV-150 90 AP pen increased from 197 to 199
  • LAV-300 stock shaped charge penetration increased from 165 to 175
  • LAV-300 fully upgraded shaped chare penetration increased from 177 to 187
  • LAV-300 fully upgraded AP penetration increased from 211 to 224
  • M41 stock penetration increased from 124 to 146
  • M41 fully upgraded penetration increased from 130 to 154
  • M48 stock penetration increased from 156 to 165
  • M48 fully upgraded penetration increased from 167 to 177
  • PT-76 stock penetration increased from 133 to 140
  • PT-76 fully upgraded penetration increased from 143 to 150
  • RDF LT AP penetration increased from 216 to 255
  • T92 AP penetration increased from 124 to 146
  • 2S14 Zhalo-S AP penetration increased from 201 to 213

User Interface

  • Introduced more decals for players to customize their vehicles with
  • Weapons in the Upgrade window can now be compared to other weapons to see the actual performance increase
  • In the post-battle debriefing, award tooltips now include the award name
  • Updated M48, M60, M60A2, and M60A3 vehicle names on the dealer screen to be more in line with historical data
  • Mouse-panning on dealer screen no longer degrades application performance
  • Removed damaged state from crew members since it wasn't incurring any penalties. The knocked out state still exists.
  • Tooltips added to post-match screen for mission and objective reward
  • Vehicle Statistics - updated the vehicle stat bars used in various garage UI elements so that they use an absolute scale instead of a tier-relative scale. In other words, the bars will represent the vehicle's stats compared to all other vehicles in the game, in contrast to the previous implementation which represented the vehicle's stats compared only to other vehicles in the same tier.
  • Hit Detail Panels - Hit detail panels have been added allowing players to see a record of damage dealt and damage received during a match. These two new displays are disabled by default but can be enabled in the settings screen under the UI tab. Scroll down to 'hit details' and remove the checkboxes to enable these two new windows. In-match, you can move the displays where you want by entering mouse mode via the CTRL key.

Bugs and Fixes

  • Fixed and improved the Daily Mission mechanism
  • Numerous toolbar text fixes
  • Numerous issues with game resolution were fixed
  • Fixed the bug where the illumination rounds affected friendly targets
  • Fixed numerous control (mouse and keyboard) bugs
  • Fixed the full-screen mode flickering after pressing the Alt+Tab Key
  • Fixed the bug where AMD laptops sometimes used the integrated GPU instead of the graphics accelerator
  • Fixed the base help screen for the garage
  • Fixed numerous garage UI bugs (example: scrolling on post-match screen did not work properly)
  • Added numerous Base mechanism fixes and improvements
  • Fixed the bug where Fyodor Sokolov's Career Soldier skill gave 0% bonus
  • Fixed the commander skill UI - skill effects were not displayer properly
  • Fixed the way the Light Tank special ability (ECU override) works in order to remove potential exploits
  • Fixed the AI turrets jittering when aiming at a moving player and rotating faster than they should
  • Fixed several Battalion decal issues
  • Fixed the matchmaker exploit where platoons could enter battles of lower tier than was intended
  • Fixed the issue where destroying Gunner Sight was actually beneficial instead of imposing a penalty
  • Fixed the "low" Garage detail setting
  • Fixed several vehicle visual and movement models
  • Fixed many LOD issues with models and environment objects in the game
  • Fixed the bug where decals were rendered even if the vehicle was hidden, resulting in the "floating decals" bug
  • Fixed some texture issues to make the game more stable on Win32 systems
  • Fixed the smoke grenade effects missing on the XM8
  • Fixed the issue where players weren't correctly receiving the tutorial achievement
  • Fixed the issue where reticle APS was showing reload time instead of max reload time
  • Fixed some of the "disappearing sound" cases where the tank sound just cuts off
  • Fixed the issue where a player could get flagged for AFK while capturing a base in PvE
  • Fixed the artillery camera clipping through tall buildings
  • Fixed the issue where achievements dealing with veteran/ace status were not being updated correctly when using global reputation
  • Fixed the cases where players were "stuck" in garage while their vehicles appeared "in battle"
  • Fixed the issue where players randomly found themselves having negative credit balance
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