U.S. Damage Contest


With the Echoes of War campaign near, we’ve prepared another special Battle Path-related contest for you, this time tied to some very specific American premium vehicles.


In this contest, we’ll be asking you to deal as much damage (certain conditions apply, see below) as possible while driving specific American vehicles:

  • M1A1 Storm Tier 7 Premium MBT (only damage from up to 150m counts)
  • Abrams AGDS Tier 9 Premium TD (only damage from up to 150m counts)
  • Bradley AAWS-H Tier 8 Premium TD (only damage from over 300m counts)
  • Stryker ADATS Tier 9 Premium TD (only damage from over 300m counts)
  • Griffin 120mm Tier 8 Premium LT (only damage while concealed counts)

Any standard mode counts for this contest, excluding Heroic Special Operations and Ranked Battles.

Post the screenshot of your result (both the detailed and regular tab) in the dedicated contest channel along with your name, category and result number. We also reserve the right to ask for a replay, so make sure you record your battle. The submission template is as such:

  • Vehicle / Result / Ingame nickname

Attention – as we will be using a program to collect your results, please make absolutely sure you submit them with the template above. Submissions without this template will be ignored.

As an example, “Griffin 120mm / 50000 / Johndoe” is correct, while “Griffin/50 000/Johndoe” is not due to the incorrectly placed spaces and the shortened Griffin name.

The contest ends on December 10, 2020 (15:00 CET) and all entries must be submitted by then.

The prizes are as follows:

The winner of each vehicle category (5 winners in total) will receive 25.000 Battle Coins for the Echoes of War Battle Path as well as 7 days of Premium Time.

Please note:

  • One player can only submit one result, period
  • All submitted results must be from the battles that take place during the event
  • Platoons are not allowed
  • The winners will be announced and the prizes will be distributed after the end of the event

Good luck and see you on the battlefield!

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