DCOT PvE League Results


The DCOT PvE League is now over and it's time to look at the results.


These teams ranked the highest:

  • First place: [UNAF] JYM, the team chose the Type 99A2-140 MBT as its prize
  • Second place: HYPeDe, the team chose the BM Oplot MBT as its prize
  • Third place: DudS Happy Hour, the team chose the Type 96B as its prize
  • Fourth place: Drachenblut, the team chose the PTL-02 TD as its prize
  • Fifth place: DCS Barbaren, the team chose the KPz-70 MBT as its prize

All participants will also receive 7 days of Premium Time and those teams who do not reach the finals received a free T-72 Victory Tier 5 MBT.

Failed to win or forgot to participate? No worries. You'll get your chance in one of the other upcoming events.

See you on the battlefield!

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