Developer Diary: Loot Crates System


Update 0.25 brings a total overhaul of the Loot Crates and their distribution. This article describes the current game situation and the reasons why we implemented certain changes.


There are crates of 5 types in the game at the moment:

  • Steel
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

They can be obtained in battles, from other Loot Crates and for completing Special Operations and Daily Challenges. Another source will be introduced to the game together with the Seasons. It's the Contract Missions that we already told you about.

This results in an excessive number of crate sources and it is generally difficult for players to understand what it takes to get this or that Loot Crate. The conditions for obtaining them change and are dependent on game mode, vehicle class and Tier. Besides, when it comes to obtaining the most valuable crates, owners of high-Tier vehicles have a clear advantage.

As a result of these issues, we came up with a Loot Crate system that is more transparent and where the rewards are distributed depending on the needs and preferences of players of every Tier.

Obtaining Loot Crates

Starting with Update 0.25, all types of Loot Crates can be obtained for completing Contract Missions and you will know exactly what you get for a battle.

Every player will have access to the Contract Missions and both newbies and experts will be able to complete their objectives to obtain the type of crate they need.

With that being said, no Loot Crates will be awarded for standard battles anymore.


The quantity and quality of rewards received for opening Loot Crates will change as well. Right now, high-quality Loot Crates are mostly obtained by experienced players. These experienced players, however, do not need the Booster and Insignia tokens that often drop from them – they make a lot of Credits and Reputation by themselves or have enough stored in their Inventory from all their previous drops. What would interest them would be unique prizes, but those are currently not present in the Loot Crates.

At the same time, new players, who would find the Loot Crate progression boosters the most useful content, do not really have access to the high-end Loot Crates. The new system helps in remedying this situation.The drop frequency was retooled as well – very few players can actually spend 12 hours straight in the game, which is why the previously Booster tokens that previously lasted for 12 hours are going to be replaced by 2-hour tokens. Previously obtained 12-hour tokens will remain unchanged in your Inventory and can be used at any point.

List of Changes

  • All Loot Crates will have a small chance of dropping Tier 4 to Tier 6 Premium vehicle (Zhalo-S, VFM5 and XM1) 3-day rentals. If you, however, already have this vehicle in your Garage, you will receive 10% of its price in Gold (immediately upon opening a Loot Crate)
  • Platinum Loot Crates will also have a chance of dropping Gold
  • You will now receive a single type of reward from each Loot Crate, but the amount of items per Loot Crate drop will be increased (for example, currently, the Gold Loot Crate can drop 3 tokens but it will drop 10 in the new system instead)
  • Instead of 12-hour Booster tokens, you will receive new high quality 2-hour ones
  • Loot Crates of lower quality will no longer have a chance of dropping a Loot Crate of a higher quality

After the introduction of Update 0.25, this system will be applied to all available Loot Crates, including those that were obtained earlier by players and are sitting in the inventory unopened. It’s up to you now top choose, commanders. Either you can open your Loot Crates right away, or wait for the changes depending on what items interest you more. Overall, the entire Update 0.25 Loot Crate value will be comparable to the current one but the new system will help you in obtaining a different set of rewards that you might prefer to the current one.

We’ll see you on the battlefield!

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