In Development: World Map and Contract Missions


Not so long ago, we’ve unveiled the plans for our first Season called “Black Sea Incursion” and now it’s the right time to take a look at two of its interesting features, coming in its first part – the World Map and the Contract Missions.


Ever since the introduction of Special Operations and the advancing storyline that started with Update 0.23 “Caribbean Crisis”, we’ve been working on a way to integrate all the three main modes of Armored Warfare into a single interface that would replace the Garage as the default means of mode selection and vehicle management.

At the same time, we wish to make the players to feel more in charge of their Private Military Company by offering them a tactical overview of the Armored Warfare world, its political layout and its ongoing battles. That is why we are introducing the World Map as the main battle management mode on the same level as the Garage view.

The World Map will allow you to send your forces across the world in all three modes instead of having to select the mode in the Garage menu.

On the World Map screen, apart from the game modes available to them, players will also see an overview of running events and bonuses, making them much easier to track. The system also features a new mechanism for event creation, making them much more interesting and reliable. And last but not least, a new Global Chat window will be available on the World Map, allowing you to better connect with other commanders!

This overhaul opens a lot of new opportunities for players to influence the Armored Warfare world in the future, including:

  • Special Operations storyline missions that will reflect the political map
  • Contract Missions

While the Faction system is still in development, the Contract Missions are also coming in the first part of the “Black Sea Incursion” season.

Simply put, the Contract Missions are several series of tasks granting awesome rewards. A single campaign will initially be available, containing PvP, Global Operations and PvE missions tied to the Armored Warfare lore.

The Contract Mission campaigns are separated into three stages of increasing difficulty with each stage consisting of missions of various difficulties, marked in the game by stars:

  • Easy (possible to complete on practically any vehicles)
  • Medium (requiring a certain Tier and skill level)
  • Hard (requiring higher Tier vehicles as well as considerable skills)

To complete a stage, a certain number of stars have to be obtained – the more difficult the mission and the later the stage, the more stars are obtained per single mission. Stage 1 consists of mostly Easy missions (with one star) while Stage 3 already has mostly Medium and Hard missions.

The missions are available on daily basis – each day, you can complete several randomly available missions per day that switch to different ones each day during the First Victory of the Day reset.

The Contract Missions are designed to promote skillful gameplay. To give you a few examples of how the missions will look in the Campaign:

  • Example Stage 1 mission: Destroy 1 vehicle in PvP while driving a Main Battle Tank
  • Example Stage 2 mission: Destroy 3 player vehicles in GLOPS and win
  • Example Stage 3 mission: Win, deal at least 10.000 damage and receive at least 10.000 potential damage (damage prevented by armor) in a single PvE battle

The Contract Missions will be scaled based on mode popularity and will take it into account.

Numerous rewards await those who participate in each campaign, including:

  • Credits, Global Reputation and Loot Crates for each mission completed
  • Premium Time and special Decals for an entire stage completed
  • A campaign-specific Premium vehicle for the completion of each campaign

Upon the completion of the campaign, players will have the opportunity to continue completing missions for Credits and other rewards indefinitely.

Make no mistake – completing the campaign will be a difficult undertaking that will take weeks, if not months, of active gameplay, giving the Armored Warfare players additional long-term goals – only the best will have the opportunity to get the ultimate campaign reward and the bragging rights that come along with it!

We do hope that you will like these missions and will see you on the battlefield!

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