Developer Q&A: Battalions and Territory Wars

Obsidian Entertainment Armored Warfare developers recently answered a couple of questions during a meeting and subsequent Q&A session with Russian players. Find out what the plans are for players organized in the Armored Warfare version of clans - the Battalions! Additionally, developers are preparing a special mode for battalions called "Territory Wars" - a global map on which the battalions will play against one another and compete for territories all across the world.

  • It's possible the organized battle modes such as "Territory Wars" will - apart from the regular 15 players on each team - have a 16th slot for the commander who will observe the battle and command the forces without having to drive an actual tank.
  • Developers will add the "Observer" mode for players who want to watch the epic battles
  • There will be a special portal for battalions in which the commander and officers will be able to perform certain clan functions through a browser. This is however a large feature and as such it will be implemented step by step and not all at once.
  • There will be a page available with detailed battalion statistics


  • There will eventually be a special organized battle mode (something like "company battles") but the concept is not yet finalized
  • It is possible the "Territory Wars" map will be split into multiple zones different from each other by time-zones and prime-times
  • It is possible that there will be a feature for automatic disbanding of "dead" battalions (battalions without any active players) but this will likely be implemented only in time
  • Developers are not currently planning to implement any penalties for players switching battalions (such as Territory Wars cooldown time)
  • An idea was proposed to make a special portal sub-section for each clan to open a mini-site in. This will be discussed further.
  • Territory Wars will be split into seasons (with resets) in order to give chance to weaker battalions to gain territory and to break the domination of the strongest battalions on the map
  • It's possible that a special trial period for new battalion players will be implemented as an optional feature
  • The battalion treasury feature (gold belonging to clan, not to individual players) is planned


  • The idea to implement battalion tournaments is interesting but it's too early to talk about that, other battalion functions have to be implemented first
  • There will not be a special mechanism in the game that will prevent "copycat" battalions from appearing (battalions imitating famous battalions by adopting their name and heraldry), such cases will have to be dealt with using the support service
  • Currently there are no plans for a mechanism to "depose" a battalion leader if he is inactive for long time, such cases have to be dealt with using the support service
  • There are no plans for a DKP-style system to reward activity in battalion. The reason for that is that this method is not used by everyone and even in games and clans that use it there are many variants. If any battalion wants to use the DKP-style reward system, they can always use it on their end manually.
  • Battles between battalions will use a ladder system.
  • Battalion alliance mechanism is not planned for now, it is however possible it will appear in far future after the main battalion and tournament mechanisms are implemented
  • Customizable titles and rights in battalions will be implemented

That's it for today. Expect more info about Battalions and Territory Wars soon. See you on the battlefield!

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