Developer Q&A: Special Edition

Our next set of answers from the development team is in - this time the players from Russian server asked the developers about various topics. Here's what the Armored Warfare developers said about the future of the game:

PvE Mode

  • Developers are considering implementing "hardcore" mode (for example without enemy tank silhouettes, with time limit) as a part of the highest ("Insane") PvE Mission difficulty
  • There are no immediate plans for PvE features such as friendly artillery strike or air strike in certain areas. That does not mean this feature will not come in the future but for now it is not planned.
  • Developers are constantly working on improving the PvE opponent AI
  • The defense-type and assault-type PvE missions are right now quite different when it comes to time spent and rewards received, this difference will not disappear completely but it will be made smaller
  • There are currently no plans for one-man PvE missions: Armored Warfare is a team game
  • There is an issue where some of the secondary objectives in PvE missions are incorrectly named (for example "destroy trucks" while the players have to destroy containers), this will be fixed


Ingame mechanisms

  • Developers are planning to introduce more environment interaction - for example improved destruction model that will let you knock down trees by firing
  • There no immediate plans to implement multi-launcher rocket systems into the game. Those would likely form an entirely new vehicle class. MLRS will be implemented into the game but no sooner than a year from now.
  • It's possible that in the future sound signals will be implemented to battles (for example instead of quick chat commands, voiceover telling players your quick commands in the language of their localization)
  • More HE warhead ATGM's will be added (some are already in the game on tier 7 and 8 vehicles)
  • The matchmaker does take into account whether a vehicle is "stock" (without unlocked module) or fully upgraded
  • Sheridan statistics are being carefully watched - the changes implemented however did drop its statistics to 52-53 percent winrate on Russian server
  • Training rooms will be implemented
  • Separate tutorials will appear for each class to teach players the differences between them and how to play them most effectively, this feature however will not come very soon
  • Special competitive modes for less players per team than 15 (multiple variants are considered) will be implemented
  • Developers are carefully watching map statistics and balancing maps based on them. Player feedback however is always welcome - developers do read the forums regularly
  • There are plans to implement "test driving" of premium tanks (so players considering a purchase can try them out first) but not very soon
  • Player statistics from PvP and PvE modes will be kept separate, upcoming competitive mode statistics and "Territory Wars" statistics will be kept separate as well
  • Individual player objectives in battles (bonus missions) will depend on the type of the vehicle the player is driving so that MBT drivers do not get missions to scout etc.

Social functions and punishments

  • Replay system is currently in development but it's not something trivial to implement and therefore it takes time. Nevertheless, this function will come in the future
  • There are no immediate plans for voicechat in battles but the idea is still being considered. It is possible it will be implemented after other main game features
  • For now, there will not be a specific Twitch/Youtube streaming function implemented into the game. It's possible streaming support will come later but that is only in very distant future
  • The education of new players will be achieved by a tutorial system, we however are not planning to have live employees (players) teaching others directly via an "academy" system
  • It is possible that various chat channels (such as battalion chat) will be implemented into battle UI
  • A complaint system will be implemented into the game to report players for breaking the game rules
  • Developers are considering implementing a "thank you" system in the future for players to thank other players
  • Anti-botting system will be implemented
  • It's possible that in time there will be a "clean-up" of non-active accounts but for now there is no need for such a feature
  • It's possible there will be a system implemented to fight rigged battles


Technical issues and bugs

  • The game will work on 32bit Windows 7 and Vista but not on Windows XP: that system is completely obsolete by now
  • We are planning to implement an improved bug report system with comfortable user interface
  • Developers will consider not blocking the garage interface when the vehicle is queued for battle
  • More interface customization will be implemented in time
  • The issue with kinetic shells being stopped by small objects (fences for example) will be fixed
  • Some environmental objects have incorrect hitboxes, stopping shells in mid-air or (other extreme) not stopping shells at all when they should - this will be fixed in the future
  • The ramming mechanism will be completely overhauled
  • The issue where the ATGM aim reticle actually aims "through" a vehicle and the missile flies then behind is known and will be fixed
  • When set on fire, vehicles in Armored Warfare are losing hitpoints too fast. This will be rebalanced.

That's it for today, see you on the battlefield!

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