In Development: Battle Path “Enigma’s Legacy”


As you already know, the main feature of the upcoming Update 0.32 will be a new Battle Path campaign and, today, we’d like to tell you more about it. Its name will be Enigma’s Legacy.

The world is in turmoil – on June 16, 2044, a supervolcano exploded, filling the planet’s atmosphere in ash and dust and causing something not unlike a nuclear winter. As the terrified population scrambles to find shelter, Enigma’s endgame is finally revealed. Predicting this outcome all along, Enigma built a series of vaults for its members and allies, including the factions you’ve fought so hard – PLM, NPAA and the Lions of Nequiel. But Enigma is no more and the world has changed. You must aid your former enemies in exchange for supplies and the location of one final unoccupied vault that you must reach before the destruction becomes too widespread.


Mechanics-wise, the Enigma’s Legacy Battle Path will be similar to the Last Patriot one with the principles being roughly the same. Once you acquire access to the campaign, you’ll be earning Battle Coins and spending them on Battle Path progress. Battle Coins will be earned either by just playing or by completing missions. Four mission sets along with repeatable daily Battle Coin Missions and Challenges will be available like the last time. The mission sets will consist of:

  • Kill-oriented missions
  • Damage-oriented missions
  • Support-oriented missions

Completing all three mission sets will unlock the fourth, ultimate mission set.

The campaign will feature several Premium vehicles available as a part of the campaign’s basic level progress. These will be:

  • Type 74 Tier 5 Premium MBT for unlocking the Battle Path (achieving Level 1)
  • Seongun-915 Tier 6 Premium MBT for achieving Level 10
  • SBS Pindad Tier 8 Premium AFV for achieving Level 30
  • Type 10 Hitomaru Tier 10 Premium MBT for achieving Level 50

Reward Vehicles (Click to Open)

type 74 1





Additionally, the Hunter AFV Tier 9 Premium AFV will become available after the launch of the Battle Path a part of the Enigma Loot Crate, containing its blueprints as well as other goodies. The missions will then reward you with special animated “Enigma” skins for the Battle Path vehicles.

Enigma Skins (Click to Open)





Apart from the abovementioned Premium vehicles, the Battle Path levels will contain other rewards such as Battle Coin boosters, camouflages, decals, avatars, Gold, boosters and much more.

The Workshop will also be making a comeback, allowing you to further improve your prize vehicles by completing Battle Path missions or Challenges. You can also use the Workshop to upgrade the older Last Patriot Battle Path vehicles.

With that being said, we’ve implemented several changes to the Enigma’s Legacy Battle Path compared to the Last Patriot one:

  • Mission sets will no longer be unlocked by using tickets, but by Battle Path progression (the first set will be unlocked on Level 1, the second on Level 10, the third on Level 30)
  • The final mission set will require (apart from completing the other mission sets) reaching Level 50
  • Set Missions (unlike daily Battle Coin Missions or Challenges, which have their own requirements) now require the use of a vehicle from this Battle Path (one of the four abovementioned ones)
  • No new Commander will be available this Battle Path

Other than that, the mechanics will remain the same, as will the entry price. The existing mechanics will be described in detail in the FAQ section upon the Battle Path’s launch.

We hope that you will enjoy this Battle Path that is due to launch at the beginning of June and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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