The Exile Battle Path is now available!


We’re happy to announce that the Exile Battle Path campaign has just begun.

This four-month-long story-driven campaign completes the story of Samuel Thorpe and offers you the opportunity to get your hands on three new very special reward vehicles:

Additionally, the following vehicles can be obtained by collecting 100 blueprints in the Battle Path Shop:

  • Object 787 Gadyuka
  • 2S38 Derivatsiya
  • CV90120T Ghost
  • ZTL-11

The shop will also very rarely drop an AbramsX blueprint. The prizes can be explored in this article.

What’s New

This Battle Path is mechanically similar to the previous Eclipse one but offers several changes:

  • Exile Loot Crates offering a chance to win random Premium vehicles of Tier 3 to 10 that you do not have yet (available for reaching certain levels)
  • More prizes with dozens of new vehicles, skins and camouflages added to the Battle Path shop

You can find more information about the campaign in the Frequently Asked Questions section below and in our dedicated article.

Accessing the Battle Path

In order to join the Battle Path campaign, please enter the game and click on the Exile icon on the upper bar. From there, you can simply purchase the Battle Path access:

  • Standard pass (access only)
  • Golden pass with access and 50.000 Battle Coins

Please note that there might be a delay of up to 10 minutes between the purchase and the access to the event.

Frequently Asked Questions (Click to Open)

How does it all work?

Simply put, you earn Battle Coins by completing missions and then spend them to raise your Battle Path level while earning Battle Path Premium vehicles, skins, decals and other goodies, including a reward tank with Premium status, the Boxer RIWP Tier 10 AFV. You can also get other Premium vehicles as well.

How do I follow the story?

In the Battle Path window, click on the Diary link on the right side of the button row. Each obtained Level unlocks a new entry. All prizes are story-related.

What do I have to do?

You may simply play your battles as usual and earn Battle Coins to unlock the 50 available Battle Path levels which contain exciting prizes, including 3 Premium vehicles. To boost your Battle Coin income, you can also complete special Missions.

The Battle Path campaign is divided into four paths (mission chains), each with its set of 6 or 5 missions. Additionally, two sets of tasks are also available:

  • Battle Coin missions (deal damage, destroy enemy targets and earn XP for Battle Coins)
  • Challenges (weekly tasks and an additional source of Battle Coin income)

All these extra missions only reward Battle Coins.

What are the Battle Coins?

The Battle Coins are a unique currency, required to advance through Battle Path levels. You can also spend Battle Coins on completing difficult missions without having to actually complete their requirements in the game. On the Battle Path screen, you can see your Battle Coin balance in the upper right corner.

How many levels are there?

There are 50 levels in total. For reaching Level 50, you will earn a reward vehicle with Premium status, the Boxer RIWP Tier 10 AFV.

How can I start a mission chain (path)?

Three mission chains are available, as such:

  • Series 1 for Tier 3-10 MBTs
  • Series 2 for Tier 3-10 LTs and AFVs
  • Series 3 for Tier 3-10 TDs and SPGs

These chains are available right from the start and do not require an unlock token. The fourth mission chain, called Elite, is available only upon the completion of the previous three chains and contains Battle Path boosters. Elite missions can only be completed using Tier 8-10 vehicles.

Some missions require me to do things I do not understand, like Kill or Eliminate. Can you explain?

There are several goal categories included:

  • Kill/Destroy
  • Assist
  • Eliminate

Kill (or Destroy, which is the same thing) simply means you have to be the player who deals the finishing blow to the target.

Assist means that you have to be the player who deals the most damage to the target (save for killing it). There is no threshold – if player A deals 40 percent of all the damage to the target, player B deals 30 percent of all the damage done to the target and then player C deals the remaining 30 percent and kills it, player A will get the “assist”. Kill or assist requirements often come together, so you can either achieve a kill, or an assist and both will count towards your mission progress.

Eliminate means that you have to destroy the target AND, at the same time, be the player dealing the most damage to it. What that means is that, in the case described above, no player would achieve elimination. However, if two players dealt 30 percent of damage each and then another player dealt 40 percent of damage and killed the target, that player would achieve elimination.

How can I obtain Battle Coins?

There are several ways of obtaining them:

  • By completing Repeatable Battle Coins missions or Challenges
  • By completing missions from one of the three basic mission chains
  • By purchasing them or winning them in an official Armored Warfare event
  • By getting them via the Battle Coin Shop
  • By just playing

It’s worth noting that:

  • Special Battle Coin boosters can be obtained for Repeatable Battle Coin missions and for Battle Path level progression, increasing your Battle Coin income for two hours by 900 percent (these can also be saved for future Battle Paths)
  • Long queue waits are compensated by increased Battle Coin income
  • You will get Battle Coins for playing even without Battle Path access

The amount of Battle Coins for playing is calculated as such:

You’ll receive a fixed amount of Battle Coins (2 for PvE and GLOPS, 3 for PvP) for each minute of effective combat. Effective combat time is a new mechanic that counts only the time when you are active in battle (during or between the actions that contribute towards your team’s effort). The exact length will be rounded up for the purposes of rewards (eg. 41 seconds will be treated as 1 minute, 1:01 minute as 2 minutes etc.) and will be available on the results screen.

Like before, winning will multiply your reward (by 1.25 for PvE and GLOPS and by 1.5 for PvP) but you’ll also receive extra Battle Coins for being amongst the best players on the battlefield (4 for Top 2 in PvE, 5 for Top 5 in PvP and 10 for Top 5 in GLOPS).

How long will the campaign be available?

The Battle Path missions will be available for 120 days. The remaining time can be seen in the Battle Path window in the game.

What unique prizes can I look forward to for participating in the Battle Path?

The Battle Path level prizes include:

The standard Level progression also includes skins, camouflages and many other prizes.

Can I complete the chain missions within a chain in any order?

No. You need to complete them in the order specified by each chain, one after another. It is, however, possible to complete a mission by spending extra Battle Coins. You can see which mission is currently active by visiting the Mission tab of the Battle Path window. The completed missions are marked with a green ticker and the missions that are yet to be unlocked are marked with a lock icon.

How many Battle Coins does unlocking each level cost?

Advancing to another level costs 5000 Battle Coins for Levels 1-50.

Can I see the progress of my missions in the game?

Yes, in the Battle Path window.

Can I complete more missions at the same time, or the next one only starts after the previous one is finished?

The next one only starts after the previous one is finished. You need to pick up your mission reward manually in the Battle Path window in order to activate the next mission. However, it is possible to have up to three missions active simultaneously and to complete them all in one battle (if their requirements do not prohibit you from doing so). It is also possible to complete a Battle Coin mission, a regular chain mission and a Challenge at the same time.

How do I know what vehicles to use and what modes to enter when completing a mission?

Each mission has its own set of requirements that are sometimes randomized. Mission requirements are stated in each mission’s description, above the mission’s text and main objective description. Please pay attention to the requirements such as Assist, Kill or Eliminate, as these all have different meanings (explained above).

When do I receive a prize that I win, for example by advancing by a level?

You will receive it automatically, within 30 minutes of you receiving it.

If I didn’t receive the reward I won fair and square, what do I do?

Please contact our support service.

What are Repeatable Battle Coin Missions?

There are three missions available:

  • Deal a certain amount of damage (each point of damage against player vehicles will count as five for the purpose of this mission)
  • Destroy a certain number of enemy vehicles (each player vehicle will count as five)
  • Earn a certain amount of net Experience

The cooldown of these missions is 72 hours. However, there’s a twist to them. Upon each cooldown, each of these three missions will also contain a randomly chosen set of conditions. For example, the Battle Path may ask you to deal damage while driving a Marat Shishkin Tank Destroyer, or a Sol Schreiber vehicle of any class.

What are Challenges?

Challenges (there will be ten of them in total) will open on weekly basis as the event progresses. Each Challenge requires you to do something (for example, deal 15.000 damage in PvE/GLOPS or 3.000 damage in PvP) and consists of ten stages, each more difficult than the last. The abovementioned Challenge opening will be server-based, so joining the Battle Path two weeks into it will allow you to start with two Challenges already unlocked.

What is the Shop?

The Shop Battle Path tab allows you to exchange the Battle Coins you don’t need for the actual Level progression for valuable items such as:

  • Object 787 “Gadyuka”, CV90120T Ghost, ZTL-11 and 2S38 Derivatsiya parts
  • Premium vehicles (including Tier 10 ones and those from the previous Battle Paths)
  • Commanders (including Ophelia Kitescu and Alisa Korhonen)
  • Skins
  • Camouflages
  • Credits
  • Boosters
  • Premium Time

The items on offer are periodically renewed so every single offer set is available for a limited time only. Additionally, a manual re-roll is available for 250 Battle Coins.

What is the Workshop?

The Workshop Battle Path tab will allow you to modify your Battle Path vehicles (including those from the older Battle Paths) with additional performance-enhancing or modifying modules that will be available for completing a certain number of Battle Path Missions (chain missions or Battle Coin missions) or Challenges.

These modules will become available only when you obtain the vehicle itself, although the completed missions and challenges from this Battle Path will count retroactively. With some effort, all these upgrades will be obtainable during the Wars of the Past Battle Path but it is worth noting that if you don’t manage to do that, future Battle Path missions and challenges will count towards them as well.

Enjoy the event and see you on the battlefield!

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