Introducing the Soldier of Fortune League

Armored Warfare Leagues is proud to present Season One, "Soldier of Fortune" League Play. Designed to allow players at all levels to battle for the best prizes yet to be offered from and Obsidian Entertainment.


Regular weekly battles kick off on Friday March 25th and continue into May to the grand finally. Top teams will be automatically invited into Season Two "Mercenary" League. Players can be rotated during the season to ensure consistency of teams.

League start: March 25th (full schedule available here)
League mode: PvP
League format: 7 versus 7 with 3 Alternates
League maps: Coastal Threat, Reactor, Narrows, Roughneck, River Point, Ghost Fields, Cold Strike and Port
Maximum tier: Tier 4
Server: North-American
Prizes for the winning teams: TBD

Teams can sign up on the Forums, for the full list of rules see this post.

See you on the battlefield!

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