Maintenance - April 14

On the 14th of April 2020, starting from 8:00 CEST (13th of April, 11 PM PDT), the server will not be available for 5 hours due to the application of Update 0.31.6054


List of Update 0.31.6054 Changes

This update is bringing the following major features to the game:

Fourth Spirithaven Special Operation

The last mission of the Spirithaven story arc awaits you. Discover the fate of Magnus Holter in the final epic battle against Enigma. Travel to Shikotan to meet your destiny. This mission comes with yet another set of three Spirithaven Special Operations achievements, which include:

  • The fourth stage of the Shogun achievement
  • Immortal Guard
  • Fallen Empire

You can read up on the story in our dedicated article.

Spirithaven Raid

Get ready, commanders, because the previously announced Raid is about to begin. Strip the area bare of its resources and gather all the prizes you can in this month-long event. You can find more about it in our dedicated article.

The following changes and fixes are also present in this update:

  • Introduced a new category to module vehicle description (for example, for one of the Black Panther modules) – Burst Rate of Fire refers to increased rate of fire within a magazine clip or a ready rack. Vehicles with Burst Rate of Fire modules installed will empty their Ready Rack or magazine faster, but the reload time of the whole clip (or even its partial reloads) or of the Ready Rack shells will remain unaffected, whereas standard Rate of Fire will influence the vehicle’s reload times at all circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where Javelin and Raybolt missiles would sometimes fly directly at the target instead of using their intended top-down trajectory
  • AS21 Redback: Improved the upper frontal hull plate thickness (it now has a chance to withstand hits from larger guns)
  • AS21 Redback: Improved the frontal turret thickness for its protection level to match the new thickness of the hull
  • K-153C Raybolt: Fixed an issue where the Improved Missile Launcher module was incorrectly locked behind Overprogression requirements instead of just being available for Experience
  • K2 Black Panther: This vehicle can now use a HEAT round called K277
  • K2 Black Panther: Fixed an issue where the shells would not fly where they were supposed to according to the aim circle when the gun was depressed
  • K2 Black Panther: Fixed an issue where using a specific gun and upgrade module combination (CN08 with Ready Rack plus Improved Ammo Rack) would cause the gun to reload from scratch upon respawn
  • Sphinx: ATGM launchers can now depress and elevate, making ATGM aiming significantly easier
  • Type 89: Fixed an issue where this vehicle would lose too much camouflage when moving
  • Fixed an issue where some vehicles using the Adaptive Camouflage module (most notably the AS21) would show 100% camouflage as its Garage value
  • Fixed an issue on several maps (notably Cold Strike) where destroying a bus would not affect its collision model, effectively creating an invisible barrier
  • Improved the visual models of the following vehicles: Sphinx, Challenger 2
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Tutorial mission to be impossible to launch
  • Fixed several issues with the appearance of dirt on vehicles
  • Fixed several small visual model issues
  • Fixed the artillery Smoke shell sound
  • Improved the artillery White Phosphorus shell sound
  • Spirithaven Special Operation, Chapter 3: Fixed several smaller visual issues
  • Spirithaven Special Operation, Chapter 3: Added a cutscene for the mission failure event
  • Fixed an issue where the epic medal that required you to destroy 10 enemy vehicles in PvP could be obtained in Global Operations
  • Fixed the Stingray Sentinel vehicle icon
  • Fixed the appearance of the Upgrade window on screens with uncommon wide resolutions such as 2560x1080
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