Maintenance - January 20

On the 20th of January 2022, starting from 8:00 CET (19th of January, 11 PM PST), the server will not be available for 5 hours due to the application of Update 0.38.8675


List of Update 0.38.8675 Changes

Type 62 to Type 59 Switch

As announced earlier, we are switching the Tier 1 Type 62 Light Tank for the Type 59 Main Battle Tank as well as changing Type 59’s performance compared to the Type 62. For more information, please visit our dedicated article.

General Changes

  • Fixed an issue where some players received incorrect Loot Crates and Battle Coin tokens from weekend Special Operations by exchanging the incorrect crates and tokens for the correct ones
  • Fixed the way the Damage per Minute value in your Garage is calculated for autocannons to properly take the new overheat mechanic into account (the values themselves did not change, only the way they are displayed in the UI)
  • Bradley FV: Fixed the collision model of this vehicle
  • Griffin 50mm: Fixed an issue where its commander was incorrectly placed in its (unmanned) turret
  • KTO Rosomak: Fixed an issue where it was impossible to have the Improved Weapon Cooling System installed together with other modules
  • Leopard 2 Revolution: Fixed the Wallbreaker skin appearance (returned the barbed wire to the gun)
  • M48 GAU-8: Fixed the Warmaster skin appearance (the flying optics issue)
  • Marder 2: Added the Troop Compartment module to the vehicle
  • T-72B3: Improved this vehicle’s visual model quality
  • T-72B3: Slightly adjusted this vehicle’s armor layout
  • T-72B3: Fixed this vehicle’s turret frontal hull ERA to corresponds to the T-90 layout (yes, this is a buff)
  • VBR: Fixed the PELE shell penetration so that its penetration drop starts at 150m instead of 140m
  • ZBD-86: Fixed the appearance of decals
  • Carson City: Fixed the car model in sector J6 (the car wouldn’t get destroyed when driving over it, making tanks stuck)
  • Carson City: Fixed an issue where it was exceedingly difficult and slow to drive up some slopes
  • Carson City: Fixed several rocks and stones in order for player vehicles not to clip into them
  • Carson City: Fixed a number of small visual issues
  • Burning Grounds Special Operation: Fixed an issue where it was possible to trigger some dialogues and objectives prematurely and thus skipping parts of the mission
  • Fixed a number of small visual model issues
  • Added a number of assets for future events
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