Maintenance - July 11

On the 11th of July 2019, starting from 8:00 CEST (10th of July, 11 PM PDT), the server will not be available for 4 hours due to the application of Update 0.29.5602.


List of Update 0.29.5602 Changes

New Francine De Laroche Vehicles

We are introducing the second part of Francine De Laroche’s vehicle branch Armored Warfare, consisting of the following vehicles:

  • Leclerc Prototype Tier 7 MBT
  • VCAC Mephisto Tier 8 TD
  • Al-Hussein Tier 8 MBT (replacing the Ariete in the Challenger branch)
  • Leclerc Tier 9 MBT
  • Leclerc T40 Tier 9 Premium TD
  • Leclerc T4 Tier 10 MBT

These vehicles come along with additional features such as new camouflages and Commander Vincent Girard. More information will be released in a dedicated article.

New Special Operation

The third Moscow Calling Special Operation that we promised earlier is now available, continuing the story of the disastrous Moscow summit and the events that followed. It’s bringing three new achievements:

  • Moscow Resident 3
  • Quick Robbery
  • Not a Problem

ZUBR PSP – Additional Features

We are introducing additional progression elements to the ZUBR PSP Tier 7 Premium Tank Destroyer, obtainable for completing the Moscow Contract – specifically, three different upgrades. In order to obtain them, a certain number of Contract Missions have to be completed:

  • ATGM Control Unit or Advanced Fire Control, boosting gun and ATGM accuracy, obtainable for completing 50 daily Contract Missions (or 10 weekly ones)
  • Flash Suppressing Kit, boosting Camouflage and reducing Camouflage penalties, obtainable for completing 150 daily Contract Missions (or 10 weekly ones)
  • Improved Loading Mechanism, boosting reload speed, obtainable for completing 300 daily Contract Missions (or 30 weekly ones)

General Changes

  • For the sake of logical difficulty progression, we renamed the Special Operations difficulty levels from Challenging and Hardcore (Tier 9-10) to Hardcore and Extreme (since the lower Special Operations difficulty is on par with the higher standard PvE mission one)
  • Fixed the issue where V-sync setting would not save correctly
  • Fixed the issue that made the Head Start Contract Mission impossible to complete
  • Fixed the issue where obtaining Battle Path skins would sometimes (rarely) lead to the loss of progress on the vehicles that can use them
  • Fixed the issue where Crew Experience progress would sometimes (rarely) reset to the lower Crew level
  • AFT-10: fixed the incorrect ATGM nerf – missiles now accelerate faster and the camouflage penalty for firing was reduced from 0.2 to 0.05 per shot
  • BMPT series: ATGMs now fly from correct spots
  • BWP-2000: fixed the aiming issue and reduced the efficiency of this vehicle’s HE shells by reducing their damage and penetration (from 25mm to 20mm) as well as the armor thickness needed to actually deal damage
  • K21 XC-8: Improved this vehicle’s acceleration and braking properties
  • M50 Ontos: The amount of smoke charges increased from 4 to 8, the vehicle now has a two-round smoke shell magazine with 4 second reload time and the reload time of this entire magazine is 40 seconds
  • PL-01: Improved this vehicle’s acceleration and braking properties
  • T-15 Armata: fixed the model of its destroyed missile launchers
  • Moscow Calling Special Operation 1: Fixed the issue that some bot kills to sometimes not count correctly for the purpose of objective completion
  • Moscow Calling Special Operation 1: The enemy PL-01 now appears with correct “stealth” camouflage
  • Moscow map: grass is now rendered correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the Commander progress acceleration button was sometimes appearing for Premium commanders with fixed skills
  • Fixed an issue where the Garage music would play over a running video in the game
  • Fixed a number of small UI issues
  • Fixed a number of small vehicle visual model issues
  • Fixed some issues that caused the game to crash
  • Added a number of Bastille Day event assets
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