Maintenance - November 7

On the 7th of November 2019, starting from 8:00 CET (6th of October, 11 PM PST), the server will not be available for 5 hours due to the application of Update 0.30.5804.


List of Update 0.30.5804 Changes

Mechanized Infantry

In this update, we are adding the crown jewel of the American Dream season – Mechanized Infantry. Three infantry types are now available:

  • AT Squad
  • Mortar Squad
  • Sniper

These can be deployed from most AFVs and some special vehicles (PL-01, Merkava Mk.4 and Mk.4M). For more information, please visit our dedicated article. This feature will launch as a Limited Test to gather your feedback. Please follow the portal for more information.

Battalion Improvements

We are introducing a number of improvements to the Battalion system. Most notably, completing Battalion Contracts will award you with a brand new reward vehicle – the RST-V Shadow Tier 10 Premium AFV.

One hundred blueprint pieces will be sent to the Battalion commander upon a successful Battalion Contract completion, which he or she then distributes using another new feature, the Trading system.

And last but not least, it’s now much easier to find (or look for) new friends thanks to the new Battalion Recruitment and Search system. Visit the dedicated article for more information.

M8 MGM-166 LOSAT Changes

We have taken a closer look at this vehicle, specifically at the issues you have reported with its weapon system aiming. As a result, we have found and fixed the issue that was causing the missiles to sometimes fly away from their target.

We have, however, also taken a look at the hydraulic suspension that we had introduced to this vehicle in one of the previous updates. This was not a realistic thing – the M8 platform did not have this system – and was there as a workaround to this vehicle’s aiming issues. In this update, we are therefore:

  • Removing the hydraulic suspension again
  • Improving the launcher depression and elevation values from -3/+3 to -6/+6

As a result of these fixes, the M8 MGM-166 should be considerably more effective overall.

General Changes

  • Fixed several issues that appeared in Update 0.30 and caused the game to crash
  • Changed the UI of outgoing and incoming damage panels in battle
  • Fixed a number of smaller visual and collision object issues in the American Dream Special Operation
  • M48 GAU-8: The gun now overheats 15 percent slower in the lower rate of fire mode
  • M48 GAU-8: The gun now loses 17 percent less accuracy for firing in the higher rate of fire mode
  • M48 GAU-8: Fixed an issue where this vehicle would not fire if it was commanded by Alisa Korhonen, who had the Hoarder skill activated
  • M8 MGM-166: Installing the Mastery skin available now correctly unlocks and installs the soft-kill APS module
  • Object 287: Fixed an issue where this vehicle would not start drowning even in deep water
  • ST-1, ZBL-08: Fixed the issue where its smoke grenades would be fired based on hull direction instead of its turret
  • T249 Vigilante: Improved the maximum gun depression value to -12 degrees (wherever the hull isn’t in the way)
  • T249 Vigilante: Fixed the side collision model
  • Battalion officers can no longer kick other Battalion officers out of a Battalion
  • For all Battalions, all active Battalion Contract progress above 50 percent was reduced to 50 percent for technical reasons (all affected Battalion members – excluding the penalized ones – will receive one free Battalion Loot Crate as a compensation)
  • Increased the duration of the fourth American Dream Special Operation on Tier 1-8 (Hardcore difficulty) by 2 minutes

List of Known Issues

  • Your team’s Mechanized Infantry troops may not appear correctly in battle after a reconnect
  • Your own troops can also appear incorrectly on the minimap after a reconnect
  • The infantry-connected new Achievement progress resets whenever a server gets reset
  • Infantry voiceover may be missing on the Alabino map
  • If a Mortar trooper dies, his mortar model will sometimes appear incorrectly positioned
  • The death screen incorrectly displays the infantry class if a player gets killed by infantry
  • The infantry icon in battle appears to activate even though the infantry is not deployed
  • Running infantry over slows your vehicle down
  • It’s sometimes impossible to deploy infantry when the space around is limited
  • You can’t kill infantry on the Alabino map
  • Battle results do not display the amount of enemy troopers neutralized by your own infantry
  • Battle results do not display the amount of enemy vehicles spotted by your own infantry
  • Graphics issues (animation problems) may appear upon the first infantry deployment in battle
  • AT Squad or Sniper models may disappear if looked at from a different vehicle
  • Mortar tracers sometimes do not correspond to the actual mortar shell trajectory
  • AT Squad models may become bugged after their return to your vehicle
  • Mortar trooper model may twitch when reloading his mortar
  • If your camera is located in a place where an infantry squad is being deployed, it may be moved elsewhere by the deploying infantry
  • Battalion search and application window shows placeholder texts
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