Update 0.70.20 Now Available


We are happy to announce that the Update 0.70.20 is now available!


List of Update 0.70.20 Changes

Please note: Premium Time rewards are not appearing correctly in this update. This is an interface issue and the rewards are handed out correctly.

Rate of Decay Special Operation

We are introducing the first mission of the Black Company Special Operation, which is called Rate of Decay. The Rate of Decay Special Operation takes you to north-western Texas where you’ll have to navigate through perilous canyons and fight your way through the ambushes while providing protection for your allies. For more information about the background, please visit our earlier article. Please note:

  • Special Operations are available in the PvE section of HQ
  • Make sure to turn your voiceover sound settings on (or up) to understand what’s going on in the mission

Make sure to submit your feedback in Discord so that we can iron out any potential issues!

Red Cold Event

The Red Cold event is bound to launch tomorrow, on October 19 in the morning (CEST/MSK). We are adding the new content including the Gadyuka skin called Patriot.

General Changes

  • Added a brand-new Garage to the game (make sure to turn up your voiceover volume as there are story dialogues in the garage itself)
  • Fixed an issue where the queue window was displaying strange incorrect bonuses
  • Improved the game’s loading performance once more
  • Arjun: Added a dozer blade ramming damage bonus
  • BMPT-72: Removed the incorrect weakspots on the upper frontal plate
  • Challenger 2: Improved the damage on the HESH round (it dealt less damage than the Challenger 1 round)
  • Derivatsiya: Camouflages on this vehicle now appear correctly
  • Leclerc: This vehicle now has 12.7mm machinegun instead of 7.62mm
  • M50 Ontos: This vehicle now loses camouflage when moving (as intended)
  • Merkava Mk.1: Fixed an issue where it wasn’t possible to switch fast between HEP shells and other types
  • PTZ-89: HESH shells now have the same loading time as other shell types (they took longer to reload)
  • Shadow: Removed the chance to set the engine on fire (hybrid engines should not burn)
  • T-80UM1 Bars: Fixed an issue where the module unlock cost corresponded to Tier 7 (now corresponds to Tier 8)
  • T-80UM1 Bars: The tank now shows in the garage filter correctly
  • T-80UM1 Bars: Fixed the ERA layout
  • TOS-1M: Autocannon now has correct elevation and depression values and no longer clips into the hull
  • TTB: Added the Modern Kinetic Round trait (TTB has them already)
  • ZTZ-20: WP missiles now load the correct amount in the UI (20/20)
  • PvE mission “Sapphire”: Fixed a spot where players could get stuck (bunker at H4)
  • PvE mission “Spearhead”: Fixed a spot where players could get stuck (pipes at F6)
  • Special Operation “War”: Fixed a spot where players could get stuck (sector E7)
  • Special Operation “Unrest”: Fixed a spot where players could get stuck (sector B5)
  • Fixed several other minor spots on multiple maps where player vehicles could get stuck
  • Fixed the AI vehicle behavior on a number of PvE maps, including Anvil, Life Jacket and Wages of Sin
  • Reduced the amount of cases where players see an incorrect vehicle model when obtaining a new vehicle
  • Fixed some small visual issues
  • Fixed some small UI issues
  • Fixed some small localization issues
  • Added some assets for upcoming events
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