Developer Diary: Addressing Update 0.30 PTS Feedback


Last week, we launched the first Public Test Server round of Update 0.30 and have received plenty of your feedback to work with. Today, we’d like to address some of the issues that you brought up to us.


The first and most important topic was that of the Consumables changes. We heard you loud and clear – you did not like the first iteration. That is why we are introducing some quite serious changes to the system compared to the first round of testing:

  • We will keep the PvE consumables that repair vehicle hitpoints (healing) but will no longer heal crews or repair vehicles (that's what the other consumables are there for)
  • New Ammo resupply and respawn mechanics will stay, as will the standard consumable overhaul (two types, one for free)
  • New PvE consumables will not be introduced because they aren't as good as we hoped

So, in summation, you will be able to heal yourself in battle like you did until now and will have a free ammo resupply available (without having to waste your healing) along with respawns not tied to consumables – you can therefore heal AND respawn in one battle, independently.

The second feedback category concerns new vehicles – TTB and Griffin. The Griffin will receive a mobility buff in the form of improved acceleration, maximum speed and reverse speed as well as some other smaller tweaks. The TTB will definitely receive a mobility buff as well (we are looking at improving its acceleration) and, additionally, we are currently investigating the properties of its gun and whether it needs an improvement.

The next round of Public Test Server, available during the upcoming week, will include the M113 Hellfire and we are eagerly awaiting your feedback regarding this killer Tank Destroyer as well as the improvements we are making.

See you on the battlefield!

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