Offer: Week of Russia


Today we’ve prepared the following items for you:

  • Hungarian Bundle
  • Armata 152 Tier 10 Premium Main Battle Tank
  • Military Bundles (Object 187 and T-72B3)
  • T-72B3 Tier 8 Premium Main Battle Tank Bundles
  • BMPT Mod.2017 Tier 8 Premium Tank Destroyer
  • Object 187 Tier 7 Premium Main Battle Tank (standalone)
  • Apocalypse Treasure Trove with 10.000 Gold

Between October 21 and October 28, 2021, the following items will be available:

Hungarian Bundle

This bundle's primary item is the Leopard 2A4HU skin. This skin is based on a specific vehicle, transferred from Germany to Hungary and officially accepted in service with the Hungarian 25th Rifle Brigade (Magyar Honvédség 25. Klapka György Lövészdandár) on July 24, 2020 during a ceremony attended by the leaders of the Hungarian military, including the minister of defense himself. You can read more in our dedicated article.


The skin is available in a bundle containing the following items:

  • Leopard 2A4HU skin for the Leopard 2 Tier 7 MBT
  • Hungarian camouflage
  • Battle-Hardened status for the Leopard 2 MBT
  • 7 days of Premium Time
  • 1.500 Gold


Armata 152

The Armata 152 is a version of the T-14 Armata, armed with larger cannon. One of the upgrades considered for the T-14 Armata was the increase of its caliber to 152mm in order to absolutely, positively destroy anything with the first shot. The 2A83 smoothbore is a behemoth of a gun, designed in the last days of the Soviet empire for the next generation of super-tanks. It’s massive, heavy and quite costly to produce, but, most importantly, it was never truly needed to deal with the western MBTs since the standard 125mm guns were (and still are) up to the task. That is why it never found its way on any Soviet MBT with even the standard T-14 Armata being armed with an improved 125mm cannon. You can, however, experience its awesome firepower in Armored Warfare! Learn more about it in a dedicated article.

In Armored Warfare, the T-14 Armata 152 is a Tier 10 Premium Main Battle Tank. While not firing as fast as its 125mm counterpart, the 152mm rounds do enormous damage, often eliminating weaker opponents with a single shot. And then there’s the platform itself – the Armata, the most modern Main Battle Tank in the world. Earn it and use it to dominate!

The Armata 152 Tier 10 Premium MBT is available in our Web Shop via Loot Crates. Collect 100 blueprint pieces from these crates to obtain the vehicle.


Military Bundles

This week, we’ve prepared three special Military bundles with real-life camouflages.


The T-72B3 Military Bundle includes (apart from the vehicle itself) the Kantemirovskaya division real-life camouflage and free a Guards Badge decal belonging the elite units of the Soviet army. The camouflage will, of course, come in handy for other vehicles as well. For example, it’s ideal for the T-80U Main Battle Tank or the BMP series of vehicles, since these are used by the Kantemirovskaya division.


The second T-72B3 Military Bundle, on the other hand, includes (once again, apart from the vehicle itself), the Red Army khaki base paint, three Russian real-life camouflages and a decal that can be typically seen on various military parade vehicles of the Russian army. Together, they allow you to customize your T-72B3 to look the way it can be seen in reality. The camouflages will, of course, come in handy for other vehicles as well.


And finally, the Object 187 Military Bundle includes, apart from the vehicle itself, the attractive Volna real-life camouflage (as seen on an actual T-80B MBT in the 1990s) and a decal depicting the crest of the Academy of the Russian Army.



The T-72B3 is the most modern Russian T-72 variant currently in service. It is a heavily upgraded version of the T-72B, featuring Kontakt-5 ERA kit and an improved Fire Control System. Together, these modifications allow the aging T-72 to serve well into the 21st century. You can learn more about its history in our dedicated article!


In Armored Warfare, the T-72B3 is a Tier 8 Premium Main Battle Tank. It continues the tradition of other Russian tanks. Its low silhouette, good mobility, powerful 125mm gun and its advanced ERA kit make it a formidable opponent. This version of the T-72B3 is offered without any camouflage.


BMPT Mod.2017

The BMPT Mod.2017 is one specific version of the BMPT Terminator that was deployed in 2017 in Syria for extended testing along with some other Russian prototype equipment, including the SU-57 jet fighter and the Uran-9 combat robot. It consists of a modified T-90 hull with a modernized turret from BMPT-72 installed on it. Another major difference was the presence of a new type of Explosive Reactive Armor that was made of soft fabric bags with explosive filler. You can read more about it in our dedicated article.


In Armored Warfare, the BMPT Mod. 2017 is a Tier 8 Premium Tank Destroyer and arguably the most powerful variant of the BMPT family. Like the others, it combines a tank hull with an unmanned turret, armed with two 30mm cannons as well as four missile launchers. Its thick armor and advanced ATGMs quickly made it one of the most feared vehicles of Tier 8 battlefields, a position it retains to this day.


Object 187

The Object 187 was a Soviet era program, developed to improve upon the excellent but ageing T-72 Main Battle Tank. Several prototypes were built, featuring a number of advanced elements compared to the older Soviet tanks, such as the new long 125mm smoothbore gun with a typical muzzle brake. The result was an excellent MBT that was, however, never mass-produced due to the 1990s Russian military budget cuts – the Russian army chose a less advanced but cheaper T-90 instead. You can learn more about it in our dedicated article.


In Armored Warfare, the Object 187 is a typical Russian style Main Battle Tank – it’s suitable for an aggressive play style and is a good choice for the players who prefer to take on their opponents at close ranges.

This vehicle is now available as a standalone item.


Apocalypse Treasure Trove

Today, we have a special offer for you. A veritable treasure trove of 10.000 Gold awaits you at a discounted price.


Please note that this item can only be purchased once per user. You can find out more about Gold and its uses in our dedicated article.


We hope that you will enjoy the offer and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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