Update 0.32 is now available!


The Spirithaven season continues with Update 0.32, bringing you the long-awaited Enigma’s Legacy Battle Path as well as other interesting features, changes and fixes.

Here’s what’s new:

Enigma’s Legacy Battle Path

The Enigma’s Legacy Battle Path is scheduled launch on June 2, 2020. The world is on the brink of destruction with a supervolcano devastating Earth’s ecosystem. It is revealed that it’s been Enigma’s goal all along to shelter those deemed worthy in giant underground vaults. As the few remaining Resistance survivors, your task is to locate the last unoccupied vault left, but it’s not going to be easy because your erstwhile enemies hold the keys to its location.


This Battle Path is bringing the new Asian vehicles you’ve been asking for:

  • Type 74 Tier 5 Premium MBT for unlocking the Battle Path (achieving Level 1)
  • Seongun-915 Tier 6 Premium MBT for achieving Level 10
  • SBS Pindad Tier 8 Premium AFV for achieving Level 30
  • Type 10 Hitomaru Tier 10 Premium MBT for achieving Level 50

Additionally, the Hunter AFV Tier 9 Premium AFV will become available after the launch of the Battle Path a part of the Enigma Loot Crate, containing its blueprints as well as other goodies.

There’s also going to be an amazing set of animated Enigma skins, camouflages, Gold and much more. You can read all about the Enigma’s Legacy Battle Path in our dedicated article.

Get your Enigma’s Legacy Battle Path access now as a pre-order – available as a with a discount!

Other Changes and Improvements

Update 0.32 doesn’t only bring the abovementioned Battle Path, but also other features and improvements, including:

  • Spotting system changes
  • Mechanized Infantry improvements and new deployment animation
  • Explosion sound overhaul
  • Harsher penalties for deserters
  • Performance optimization
  • Multiple User Interface improvements
  • Bug fixes and corrections

You can read more about the contents of Update 0.32 below:

List of Update 0.32 Changes

Gameplay Mechanics

Enigma's Legacy Battle Path

This update is bringing the majority of assets for the upcoming Enigma's Legacy Battle Path, including four new Premium vehicles:

  • Type 74
  • Seongun-915
  • SBS Pindad
  • Type 10

And the Enigma Unit skins intended for them. The Battle Path itself is scheduled for launch on June 2, 2020. The fifth announced vehicle, Hunter AFV, is scheduled to arrive after the Battle Path's launch. You can read about this Battle Path in our dedicated article.

Spotting System Changes

We are introducing a number of spotting system changes in this update. First, we fixed an important issue that caused many instances of tanks simply disappearing from your sight even if they were not supposed to, connected to smoke deployment.

Additionally, we have overhauled the way the environmental camouflage works. The smaller the bush, the less camouflage it now provides (until now, all bushes provided the same amount) due to the fact that the mechanic will calculate the actual amount of foliage between the spotted target and the spotter. What this also means is that standing inside the bush will provide less camouflage than hiding behind it since there will be less foliage between you and your enemy.

And last but not least, the bonus of bushes and tree canopies (if you knock down the tree and the canopy falls on the same spot) now stacks with the upper camouflage limit being two pieces of foliage. Please note that, for the purposes of this equation, the ADAPTIV camouflage module also counts as foliage (ergo, combining a bush and a canopy with ADAPTIV will only provide a bonus equal to two bushes, not three).

You can read more about these changes in our dedicated article.

Mechanized Infantry Improvements

We have fixed a number of issues that plagued Mechanized Infantry and have introduced several improvements to its mechanics, including:

  • Commander Viktor Kirsanov received several skills improving overall Mechanized Infantry performance and a free skill reset
  • Improved pathfinding algorithm (infantry no longer deploys into environmental objects and gets stuck)
  • Mechanized Infantry is now invulnerable when exiting a vehicle
  • Improved aiming algorithm
  • Improved HE shell performance against infantry (increased the blast wave radius)
  • Fixed various assorted bugs

Further Mechanized Infantry changes are coming after the launch of Update 0.32. You can read more about these changes in our dedicated article.

Harsher Deserter Penalties

Players who leave battles prematurely (also known as "deserters") will face harsher penalties. In addition to the standard penalties (losing income), the deserted battle (if victorious despite their desertion) will not count towards any "victorious battles" goals. Intentionally leaving early in battle will therefore not be usable for completing missions that require victories. The "Deserter" status will be also correctly displayed in the results window.

Explosion Sound Overhaul

We've reworked the sounds of shell and ATGM explosions. These sounds are now divided into three categories by the explosion size (small, medium and large) and are more consistent with the actual caliber of the shell or ATGM. We've also tweaked other explosion details and the correlation between explosion volume and distance to provide you with an improved, immersive experience.

Improved Optimization

We've taken a large number of smaller optimization steps in order to improve the game's performance on certain PCs. This includes things like:

  • CPU processing optimization
  • CPU multi-thread optimization
  • Combat UI optimization

Together, these changes should lead to an FPS increase on some, if not most, configurations.

General Changes

  • Damaged soft-kill APS module now provides less protection compared to an undamaged one
  • Supercharged hard-kill APS now also intercepts AT infantry rockets
  • Fixed the broken "Force Recon" Contract Mission that requires you to help allies deal damage using your Mechanized Infantry
  • Missions that require you to deal damage or destroy an enemy using a specific shell type will also count the damage or kills that were caused by a fire as long as you used the appropriate shell
  • Improved the appearance of Dynamic Dirt on winter maps
  • Added a new warning sound for when your vehicle is on fire
  • Fixed and optimized various vehicle destruction effects
  • Changed the shell impact sounds for rotary cannons
  • Changed the shade of blue for the Twilight base paint
  • Field Repair Kit now also repairs ERA and NERA modules
  • Fixed several issues that caused the game to crash


Infantry Deployment Animations

All the vehicles that can deploy infantry now have animated doors and improved Mechanized Infantry disembarkation animations in order to improve the feeling of battlefield realism. You can read more about these changes in our dedicated article.

BMPT Prototype Overhaul

As previously announced, in order to improve the gameplay diversity and engagement, we are taking one of the worst performing vehicles in the game (the BMPT Prototype Tier 8 Premium TD) and are upgrading it to BMPT Mod.2000, an early prototype of the BMPT program. The main change is that instead of the original setup, this vehicle will have improved armor and a new turret that includes a single 30mm autocannon and four powerful Kornet-E ATGMs.

The performance of the BMPT Mod.2000 will be superior to the old BMPT and there will not be any progress lost during this change – your old BMPT will simply "wake up" with a new model and a lot of extra teeth. Everything else (XP amounts, crew progress etc.) will be kept the same. For more information, please visit our dedicated article.

General Changes

  • Improved the visual quality of the Shark series of skins
  • Returned the Titan skins to their previous appearance
  • Renamed a large number of Chinese vehicle upgrade modules to correspond to their real life counterparts
  • Fixed a number of smaller vehicle model lighting effects
  • Fixed a large number of small visual issues on multiple models (small texture adjustments etc.)


  • Fixed this vehicle's collision model so that its front no longer clips into buildings


  • Fixed an issue where this vehicle's collision model was larger than the visual one
  • The Zaslon hard-kill APS modules are now animated when reloading


  • Fixed this vehicle's armor that used an incorrect material

K2 Black Panther

  • Fixed an issue where the tank could penetrate pretty much any target with its stock gun installed, caused by the fact that an experimental roof-penetrating APFSDS round (previously removed for balance reasons) was unintentionally enabled for this gun's APFSDS shell

Leopard 2AX

  • The model of the 130mm gun no longer appears rifled
  • Improved the appearance of the destroyed vehicle model

M1A2 Bastogne

  • Moved the American flag to the other side of the vehicle to comply to the U.S. Flag Code

M48 GAU-8 Avenger

  • Fixed an issue that would make your ammunition count appear incorrectly after a respawn

M8 MGM-166

  • Improved the visual quality of the Warmaster skin


  • Fixed an issue where, when firing from behind cover, the rockets would fly above your aiming reticle

OT-64 Cobra

  • Improved the visual quality of this vehicle's model

Rooikat 76

  • Fixed an issue that made some textures appear black

Rosomak M1

  • The missile launcher module can now take damage


  • Fixed this vehicle's camera position in the First Person mode


  • This vehicle no longer has the "Trained Crew" trait

T-62, T-62 Veteran

  • Fixed an issue that made some textures appear black

WPB Anders

  • Fixed an issue where the Zaslon APS modules could appear in battle on the vehicle even if the APS wasn't installed

XM247 Sergeant York

  • Changed the Radar active ability sound

Player versus Player

  • Reactor: Fixed an exploit where it was possible to drive to unintended places
  • Tropical Coast: Fixed an exploit where it was possible to drive to unintended places

Player versus Environment

Spirithaven Chapter 3 Changes

We are reducing this mission's difficulty for Tier 9 and Tier 10 vehicles as well as fixing some issues that are left to address:

  • Destroying the AA lasers now correctly completes the objective
  • Extreme difficulty: Reduced the total amount of AI vehicles spawning by 5
  • Extreme difficulty: Reduced the amount of enemy bunkers by 1
  • Extreme difficulty: Reduced the amount of enemy AI vehicles with thick armor
  • Extreme difficulty: Increased the time it takes to capture the EMP guns (for you and the enemy)
  • Fixed an issue where the time required to capture the enemy warship was 240s instead of the intended 60s

Spirithaven Chapter 4 Changes

  • Mechanized Infantry now takes damage from flagship fire
  • Fixed an issue where the "Help Magnus" objective would not complete even with all the enemies destroyed
  • The characters now comment on the readiness to fire of Victor Blaze's mothership
  • Improved the shell impact visual effects when firing at the base's columns
  • Fixed the airship collision model, their flight animation and sounds
  • Fixed an issue where the final cutscene would show drone lasers
  • Fixed the appearance of shadows on low graphics settings
  • Fixed a number of smaller visual issues

General Changes

  • Fixed an issue where the Matchmaker would assemble teams consisting solely of unarmored vehicles
  • Black Sea Incursion, Chapter 4: Fixed an issue where destroying the cargo helicopters would display a placeholder text string
  • Black Sea Incursion, Chapter 4: Fixed an issue where portions of buildings (shops) would disappear
  • Spirithaven, Chapter 1: Fixed an issue where the "Defeat the Reinforcements" objective would not complete even with all required vehicles destroyed
  • Quarterback: Fixed an issue where the mission might end in failure even if the objective was completed with a few seconds remaining on the timer

User Interface

  • It is now possible to set the desired amount of dirt covering your vehicles in the Garage in the game's Settings window (Graphics section)
  • Overhauled the appearance of the Incoming and Outgoing Damage tables that appear in battle in order to match the new UI, also added blocked damage to this element
  • Right-clicking on a vehicle in the Garage now displays the "Show this vehicle's statistics" option as a part of the menu
  • Instead of having to choose from a specific list, it's now possible to customize the color of your reticle using a palette tool
  • Added the option to limit set your maximum FPS cap (providing the V-sync setting is off)
  • Added the information to the description of the seasonal Far East Loot Crate that it also contains Gold
  • The "Obtained" setting in the Customization window now saves correctly
  • Long customization item names now appear correctly
  • Purchases of vehicle upgrade modules that cost 0 Credits no longer display a confirmation query
  • Visual settings now save correctly when changing from Maximum to High and vice versa
  • Changed the loading screen of various urban maps to that resembling urban environment
  • Fixed the First Victory of the Day mouseover tooltip to include correct reward information
  • Improved the tank appearance in the lower left corner vehicle status panel in battle

Issues and Corrections

  • Fixed an issue where a War Games victory would sometimes not be rewarded by the correct Loot Crate when replaying older Special Operations
  • Fixed a game physics issue that caused several strange types of vehicle behavior, including a serious case where a vehicle would sometimes appear invisible
  • Compensated the remaining XP that was accumulated on SPGs during the Global Operations testing and lost after its conclusion and fixed this bug once and for all
  • Fixed an issue where using a Tier 9 or Tier 10 token would sometimes not unlock the desired vehicle but the token would disappear nonetheless
  • Fixed an issue where the Snipers would not fire at enemy vehicles or infantry
  • Fixed an issue where deploying smoke would make all vehicles disappear (connected to the spotting improvements mentioned above)
  • Fixed an issue where various non-vehicle NPCs (bunkers and such) would periodically spot and then lose their targets even though it was in their sights all along
  • Fixed an issue where locking a target with autoaim and then looking down would make the reticle move along with your camera
  • Fixed an issue where your infantry's spotting radius on minimap would not sometimes correspond to their actual spotting radius
  • Fixed a number of issue that occurred when switching between Windowed and Full-Screen modes of the game
  • Fixed an issue where the player camera would switch incorrectly between the First Person mode and the Third Person mode, clipping into the vehicle
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to receive a Commendation for providing cover for your allies by deploying smoke in front of your own infantry
  • Fixed an issue where it was impossible to change the sound volume of the "you are spotted" sound effect (now, the volume depends on your UI volume settings)
  • Fixed an issue where the dealt damage value would appear incorrectly in the detailed battle results window
  • Fixed an issue that caused the vehicle camouflage factor in the Garage to incorrectly appear as 57.9% even though, in reality, the correct value was 0%
  • Fixed an issue where the Sniper voiceover response for losing a target would play too rarely
  • Fixed an issue when, upon opening your last Loot Crate, an "Open Next" button would appear
  • Fixed an issue where strange visual artifacts would sometimes appear when using MSAA anti-aliasing
  • Fixed an issue where destroying some bus objects in the game would not change their collision model
  • Fixed an issue where some Additional Progression modules unlocked via the Battle Path Workshop feature would appear installed instead of correctly appearaing unlocked but not purchased
  • Fixed the glass appearance on helicopter models that lack interiors
  • Fixed several smaller UI issues

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