Of Wishlist Games, Changes and Future


You’ve seen the signs. The Account Transfer, new Support Service, the logos... and what’s more, you’ve seen some of the issues brought about by what seemed to you like rushed development in some regards. Well, today, we’d like to tell you more about the state of Armored Warfare, the past, the present, and the future.


The Past

Let’s start at the beginning – with Wishlist Games. Wishlist Games is a production company founded and led by Armored Warfare veterans who looked at the game and saw potential unfulfilled. The Wishlist Games team – our team – had bigger dreams, dreams they started working on upon the game’s acquisition from Meta Publishing, introducing new idea concepts such as the upcoming Drone feature.

This was a lengthy process that started many months ago and you’ll have to forgive us that only now we are ready to share all this with you, the players. In the past months, we have scaled up the development team of Armored Warfare and hired not only skilled new people but also experienced veterans who have worked on the game before and their expertise contributed to the establishment of an excellent development team.

This all didn’t happen without hiccups as we are sure you noticed. These were compounded by the fact that around the same time, it was decided to move Armored Warfare away from the MY.GAMES platform to one of our own. Scaling up software development and bringing a lot of fresh faces on board is difficult at the best of times. Doing it simultaneously with an entirely new infrastructure though? Another beast entirely – one that bites and claws and we are extremely grateful that you stuck with us through it all despite receiving a few gashes and bruises in the process along with us.

The Present

But we have weathered the worst part of the storm and, to stick with the maritime metaphors, it should be a far smoother sailing from now on. Our own infrastructure is largely built now and we will begin testing our new launcher shortly.

You can help us by transferring your account as soon as possible as, starting from September 1, 2024, MY.GAMES login will no longer be available (which means the MY.GAMES launcher will not work).

To reward you for the hassle, we are preparing a gift that every transferring player will receive (even those who transferred the account before). We are also preparing the process for Steam and Epic Game Store account owners and we’ll keep you informed about the due process in the future.

The Future

Own infrastructure is all well and good but surely you are wondering:

“What does this all mean for us, the players?”

Very simply put, these steps will allow us to invest more resources into the game and see it grow. Here’s what’s going to happen.


Right now, we are in the final stages of finalizing the Tales from the Dark Battle Path that we hope you’ll enjoy. This event is bound to launch in early July and will serve as an introduction to a summer of fun and activities (for you) and speeding up the development of the game (for us). While it’s a bit too late to change the event’s economy based on its feedback, we’ll be scaling up the Battle Coin income by introducing:

  • More free boosters (yes, they are returning to regular levels)
  • More Battle Coin bonuses
  • Free and easy bonus events awarding extra Battle Coins

As such, the Battle Path will be easier to complete than the previous one. We are committed to acting upon your feedback (even though it sometimes takes us a bit longer than we would have wanted). Future Battle Paths will already have an overhauled (that is, more manageable) economy.



But that’s not all. It’s not even the beginning.

This summer, we’ll be dropping two long-awaited features – a new Special Operation mission and a new progression vehicle. The mission is called Lone Star and will be nothing short of legendary for more reasons than one. We hope you’ll enjoy the spectacle.




The progression vehicle is, of course, the long-awaited T-80BVM Tier 9 MBT. We’ve had a lot of fun with this one (and not always in a good way) but in the end, perseverance wins the day and we are committed to our past promises as much as we humanly can. The Object 292 will be following after a few months as the model needs more work.

Which brings us to the big thing.

For this autumn, aside from the usual content, we’re working on something big. It’s not just one thing – it is many things at once, culminating with... something unexpected, something even bigger, something we’re definitely not ready to share yet. But we’ll do our best to bring you the news as soon as possible.

We are sure you have questions. We are sure you also have doubts. But, once again, we’re committed to make Armored Warfare better for years to come and, in the following months, we’ll show you how. There might be more obstacles along the way and we may stumble once or twice. We are not perfect. But Armored Warfare is our passion project and always will be and we’ll treat it as such.

See you on the battlefield!

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