Update 0.120 Now Available


We are happy to announce that the Update 0.120 is now available!


List of Update 0.120 Changes

Europe’s Edge Battle Path

We are rolling out a new Battle Path featuring a lot of exciting content, including the following prizes:

  • KF51 Tier 10 Premium MBT
  • AjaxTier 10 Premium AFV
  • Leopard Cockerill Tier 8 Premium LT
  • Epic skins
  • Numerous camouflages

And much more! The prizes can be explored in this article and you can read about the entire Battle Path in our dedicated article. Connected to the topic are also the changes on the content you might have seen already:

  • Ajax: Vehicle now has the correct dark green color
  • Ajax: Added a passive (always active) ability that significantly increases the camouflage penalty for firing weapons for all enemies within 200 meters (the active ability described in the article stays)
  • Leopard Cockerill: Performance adjusted as per the earlier article (yes, Harimau too)
  • Leopard Cockerill: Vehicle now has the correct dark green color
  • Leopard 2A4CZ skin: Corrected the base color of the skin
  • KF51 Panther: Removed the programmable HE ammunition (the tank was performing well without it)
  • T-72M1 Wittmann skin: Mantlet now has the correct brown color
  • T-72M1 Wittmann skin: Radiation liner no longer incorrectly appears on the turret

However, there are some known issues:

  • Battle Path chain missions have incorrect icons
  • Centauro 155 is temporarily disabled

These will be fixed as soon as possible.

Vehicle Fixes and Updates

With each patch we continue (and will continue) to update vehicles based on your feedback and fix them. In this update, we have the following changes for you:

  • 2S1 Gvozdika: Fixed the smoke generator smoke placement
  • AS90: Fixed several smaller visual issues
  • Boxer CRV: Fixed several camouflage issues (camouflaged missiles etc.)
  • Boxer CRV: Commander optics module now visually appears damaged in damaged state
  • Boxer CRV: ATGM launcher now appears correctly
  • Boxer CRV: Fixed that one missing smoke grenade on the turret
  • Boxer CRV: ERA color no longer differs from the rest of the vehicle
  • Boxer CRV: Shells no longer use the Gatling visual effect and appear the same as on other similar vehicles
  • Boxer RIWP: Javelin missiles no longer fly from the autocannon
  • Boxer RIWP: Fixed the driver optics appearance
  • Boxer RIWP: Fixed the dirt appearance on various lower settings
  • Boxer RIWP: Fixed several camouflage issues (camouflaged missiles etc.)
  • Boxer RIWP: Fixed the broken track visual appearance
  • ERC 90 F4: Removed the incorrect “Libereté” inscription from the République skin
  • Griffin 50mm: Smaller adjustments to the Tacticam skin
  • Harimau: Added HEAT ammunition
  • Harimau: Improved the reload time inside the magazine to 1.5s
  • KF41 Lynx Prototype: Fixed a smaller camouflage issue
  • Khrizantema-S: Fixed the launcher animations (launcher no longer sinks into the hull under certain circumstances)
  • M60A1: ERA now appears as ERA in the Armor Inspector window (earlier the modules were listed a steel plates despite working correctly as ERA)
  • M108: Fixed the smoke generator smoke placement
  • M109: Fixed the smoke generator smoke placement
  • M109A6 Paladin: Fixed the smoke generator smoke placement
  • M109A6 Paladin: Improved Shock Absorbers and engine modules returned to the tech tree
  • M109A6 Paladin: Renamed the HEAT shell for improved consistency
  • Panzerhaubitze 2000: Vehicle can now carry 60 rounds in total
  • Panzerhaubitze 2000: HEAT round now correctly has 25% bonus module damage
  • Puma: Fixed the smoke grenade launcher textures
  • Puma: Fixed the appearance of destroyed wheels on lower settings
  • ZTZ-20: Fixed one ERA element that was extra shiny on lower graphics settings
  • ZTZ-20: Fixed an issue where ERA elements would appear as destroyed when destroying APS

But we’re only getting started. The next update will bring more fixes and improvements to existing content.

Rate of Decay Special Operation

While working on a new Special Operation, we aren’t forgetting to fix smaller issues in the current one:

  • Fixed an issue that caused players to lose connection after killing several bots (this isn’t a common occurrence, which is why it was hard to track, but it could happen)
  • Fixed the bridge reflection effect in the river beneath it
  • Fixed the infamous overhang rock in sector I2 players were getting stuck on
  • Dead players can now correctly switch between teammates in the observer mode

General Changes

  • Fixed an issue where Mechanized Infantry wouldn’t disembark from player vehicles under certain circumstances
  • Mechanized Infantry also disembarks the vehicle only when driving slowly (at higher speeds the doors close and the rest of the squad stays in the vehicle (this is intended)
  • Fixed (or at least improved) the Garage render problems where tanks would not appear all at one but some of their parts would appear sooner than others (a small step for players but a giant heap of backend work from our programmers)
  • Fixed the aiming reticle behavior when interacting with smoke
  • Fixed an issue where the Match Results window sometimes wouldn’t appear after the battle’s end
  • Fixed the annoying flickering of the flame effect in the initial Battle Path window
  • Fixed some other smaller UI issues in general Battle Path design
  • Loot Crates in your Inventory no longer appear transparent
  • Special Operations mode now has a mode description in the Garage UI
  • Category “New” in camouflage window UI now works correctly
  • Fixed an issue where players weren’t able to buy Reputation bundles from various vehicles
  • Fixed the localization issues of commander Philipp Holzklau
  • Fixed a whole bunch of localization issues
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when replaying older matches
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