Introduction to PvE

The Joint Missions PvE mode (also called “Operation” or “Standard PvE”) is the standard (core) PvE experience of Armored Warfare, in which five-member player teams are pitted against numerically superior AI vehicles to complete mission-specific objectives.

Standard PvE

Before entering the Operation PvE battle mode, players have to take the following steps:

  • Select a vehicle in the garage from the list of vehicles displayed on the lower side of the garage interface
  • Make sure the vehicle has enough ammunition (click on the ammunition icons to open a menu where you can select the amount of ammo carries for each available type)
  • Make sure your vehicle is properly upgraded and fitted with consumables, retrofits and insignia tokens

Press the red “Action!” button to enter the matchmaker queue. If the Operation mode is not selected (you see the mode to the right of the red “Action” button), press the button with the game mode and then, on the HQ screen:

  • Co-Op Missions (top of the map)
  • One of the two difficulty options (Standard and Hardcore)


Generally speaking, the Standard difficulty is suitable for everyone (including new players) and makes for a casual experience and an excellent entry into PvE missions. The Hardcore level, on the other hand, requires some team cooperation and victory is by no means guaranteed.

Each difficulty level has its own pool of missions (some are available for both difficulty levels). At any one time, one mission per difficulty is available and the available missions change once per several missions (the timer is on the HQ screen under the Co-Op Missions button). Pressing the “Action!” button puts you in a matchmaking queue.

A loading screen will appear with the setup of your 5 man team. Once a certain number of players have successfully loaded the map, a 30 second countdown until the start of the battle begins. On the loading screen, players can see a mission briefing containing the storyline and the rewards.


PvE missions have different objectives to PvP battles. Objectives are split into primary and secondary.

  • Primary Objectives have to be completed, failure to do so will result in the mission ending unsuccessfully
  • Secondary Objectives do not have to be completed by the time the mission ends but doing so yields additional rewards

Players have to complete the primary mission objectives within a certain time limit. There are many types of objectives, including:

  • Destroy a valuable target
  • Defend a certain area
  • Capture a certain location

Primary objectives are marked with a large circle on the minimap and secondary objectives are marked with small circles.


During the missions, players will be confronted by AI-controlled enemies (also known as “bots”). Their numbers and toughness are defined by the difficulty level of the mission.

When a mission has been successfully completed, players can see a short debriefing screen. In the garage, players can then see a detailed debriefing screen along with the Credit and Experience rewards gained.


Special Operations

Special Operations are a special type of PvE missions for advanced players. They come in series that have to be completed in a specific order and award unique rewards such as camouflages or player avatars. Unlike the standard PvE missions, Special Operations are tied by a common storyline.


Special Operations come in three difficulty levels – Hardcore, Extreme and Heroic. Even the Challenging mode is considerably more difficult than standard PvE and teaming up with your friends is recommended. The Extreme mode (only available to Tier 9 and Tier 10 vehicles) is very difficult and a full platoon of five players is recommended. The Heroic mode is only available to Battalions and is extremely challenging and only well-coordinated platoons can be successful in it.

Special Operations represent the peak of the Armored Warfare PvE experience – make sure you are well-equipped and experienced before attempting one.

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