The Pipelines Map

Amidst the desert sands of the Middle East, oil is the lifeblood of the entire region and its importance is second to none. A refinery is under attack by enemy mercenary forces – it cannot be allowed to fall into their hands! Your team is tasked with securing it while protecting the nearby local village. The enemy forces do not give up easily, so expect tough resistance...

The map is divided into two by a river that flows right through it. It can be crossed at several strategic places, but crossing the river is generally dangerous as the enemy will surely be shelling your forces from the opposite side.

Both sides have plenty of cover to shield their forces from the opposite bank.

There is a village in the northwest corner of the map that provides additional cover. It is, however, full of destructible structures and as such you can only use it for your protection for a limited time.

The eastern side is dominated by a large refinery structure that can be used to flank enemy forces and shield your team from enemy counter-fire.

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