The River Point Map

Ready to take on your opponents? You should be – this countryside is anything but peaceful. Rolling hills on this rural map are separated by two rivers and blend into a village in the middle. Introducing the new PvP map: River Point.

The map offers opportunities to all the classes of vehicles.


The left side of the map (marked light blue) is an open road, separated from the rest of the landscape by a river. Long-range vehicles will thrive here, picking off their opponents at distance while using the cover available throughout this map section.

The road on the west side of the main map section (marked red) also allows for some long-range combat but offers little in the way of protection from artillery. It however – if unguarded – allows both teams to reach the enemy base quickly and as such is a viable option for very fast vehicles.

The center of the map (marked purple) is an urban area with excellent cover from artillery. Main battle tanks will find the environment suitable for their gameplay here – but not only that: this piece of land allows the team that controls it to lay down fire all across the map, supporting both flanks.

The road east of the town in the center (marked green) is in a way similar to the red route. It is short and provides little protection but it is the fastest way your team’s scouts and light tanks can reach the opponent’s base should the enemy leave it unprotected.

The eastern bank of the river (marked blue) is protected the most from artillery fire and offers the possibility of a slow, tactical approach. Heavier vehicles will find it preferable not to advance under withering indirect fire and will likely choose this route for their advance.

In the meanwhile, check out our panoramatic view of the map!

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