Statistics and Achievements

The Dossier window consists of the following sections:

  • Profile
  • Statistics
  • Vehicles
  • Achievements
  • History

The Profile section is the basic summary of your Dossier. Here, you can see a number of basic data, such as your amounts of battles played in each mode, your overall winrates, your selected avatar, your title and your favorite Tier and vehicle class.


In the Statistics section, you can see a detailed overview of your statistics as a player. It is separated by different game modes which can be selected by using the pull-down menu on the right side of the screen.


The Vehicles section shows the same detailed statistics, but separated by vehicles. On the left side of the screen, you can select the vehicle the statistics of which you want to view – vehicles can be sorted by their names, tier, dealer, amount of battles played or winrate.


The Achievements section shows, as its name suggests, all sorts of achievements. In Armored Warfare, achievements come with special rewards. Some achievements can be only obtained once and some have multiple levels with increasing rewards. Some very difficult achievements also come with decals and camouflage patterns. Inspect every achievement to learn of its conditions. Please note that some achievements are hidden and don’t appear in the tab until you meet their requirements. Uncovering hidden achievements is half the fun!


Finally, the History section shows a detailed list of your past matches with their results. This is where you manage the Replay function of the game that allows you to watch past matches. Please note that to review older matches:

  • Your recording has to be enabled (by pressing the Enable Recording button above the results table)
  • The battle you want to watch must have taken place in the same version of the client you are currently running. Replays of old matches become unavailable with new updates implemented to the game due to the fact that the game’s parameters change and the replay would no longer perform as intended

Please note that you can also watch replays of other players by downloading them (for example from the forums where players brag about their achievements) and putting them in a dedicated directory.


Finally, replays are very useful for reporting players breaking the rules to My.com support service – for some offenses, replays form a mandatory part of any support ticket.

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