Introduction to GLOPS

Global Operations is a PvP and PvE hybrid game mode that is unique in the genre, blending longer term strategy with moment to moment tactics. In Global Operations, players participate in large scale, dynamic battles.

This mode introduces changes to the core Armored Warfare PvP rules, including:

  • Respawning to allow players to be engaged in the battle for much longer
  • Primary objectives that change throughout the match
  • Repair zones allow players to repair and replenish their ammunition
  • Secondary objectives called Wildcards
  • On some maps, neutral AI vehicles act as an obstacle, attacking both sides

Entering Global Operations

Press the red “Action!” button to enter the matchmaker queue while having Global Operations selected. If the Global Operations mode is not selected (you see the mode to the right of the red “Action” button), press the button with the game mode and then, on the HQ screen:

  • Player versus Player (top of the map)
  • Global Operations (icon on the bottom on the right side)


Pressing the “Action!” button puts you in a matchmaking queue. You can see the average waiting time for each Tier in the queue window.

Global Operations Objectives

In the Global Operations mode, players fight for domination by capturing, securing or destroying various objectives. The battle time is limited to 15 minutes (some smaller maps can have it shorter) with up to 15 vs 15 teams. Each team will have a pool of points.

Destroying Enemy vehicles and capturing control zones will reduce the enemies’ point count. If you manage to reduce this point score to zero, you win the battle! The objectives change throughout the battle and many Global Operations maps are divided into several phases.


On some maps, the opponents not only consist of the other team, but also neutral AI-controlled forces that attack both sides and guard certain areas.

Global Operations maps are often considerably larger than the Random Battle ones, although the truly massive ones only appear for high-Tier vehicles.


Players can also capture special “Wildcard” objectives that give them the ability to call in military asset from their HQ, to tip the balance of the battle in their favor. The first map will contain the following “wildcards”:

  • Pillboxes – static AI-controlled object firing Anti-Tank guided missiles at enemy forces
  • Surveillance drone – an unmanned aerial asset that can fly above a zone and spot the enemy teams movements with ease
  • Air Raid – a powerful bombing run attack that flies in from off the map to wreak havoc amongst enemy lines

And several more. Global Operations are available for most Tiers.

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