The Narrows Map

The Narrows map is loosely based on the “Druzhba” pipeline surroundings in Eastern Europe, running from Russia through Ukraine and Belarus all the way to Germany and is currently the world’s largest oil pipeline. It consists of a rural, hilly environment and offers both sniping spots and cover for slow but steady main battle tank advance.

The western side of the map contains a route that is generally more covered from artillery but it is longer. Capturing the north-western fuel depot area however will allow players to lay down some crossfire and destroy the enemies trying to approach through the central area.

The central approach is the shortest way to enemy base but it is also the one with least cover. Players are advised to traverse this area swiftly or face withering enemy counter-fire that can stop any offensive dead in its tracks.

The eastern area is longer and is also separated from the center by series of small hills. Players do have the option of steadier advance here and capturing the center of the eastern approach allows them to once again fire on the enemies trying to break through the center.

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